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  • Every Business Can Benefit From Cloudways Magento Hosting

    Improving Magento checkout with address verification and autocomplete

    Cloudways, a veteran in Magento Hosting, is a PaaS provider which offers you great Magento Hosting experience on top of cloud providers like Amazon AWS, Google GCE, DigitalOcean, Vultr, and Kyup. Cloudwaysplatform also gives you a complete Managed Magento Hosting solution like never before.

    At Cloudways, our motto is "Managed Cloud Hosting for Everyone," which means that it is the best fit for anyone who wants to host their websites on magento regardless of their experience or expertise. It gives freedom to users to use the platform according to their needs.

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  • 18 examples of product page tabs design to inspire you

    18 examples of product page tabs design to inspire you

    Achieving a great customer experience has always been a priority. Following the idea to help you come through creating a user-friendly site with a high conversion rate, we go on to cover all points in store usability. Undoubtedly the improved navigation and checkout page are the key points in overall site usability. However, you can also provide your customers with having a whale of a time on a product page.

    Need a product page that converts visitors into happy customers?

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  • What a true Magento Black Friday deal looks like!

    What a true Magento Black Friday deal looks like!

    Thinking about new solutions for running a successful online store? Got prepared your store for the holiday shopping season? Black Friday is considered to be a celebration of discount. With Christmas around the corner it’s the last year opportunity to get products you’re dreaming about. And on top of that you will see a deducted price.

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  • How to generate extra income with Swissuplabs and Argento affiliate program

    How to generate extra income with Swissuplabs and Argento affiliate program

    How lucky we are to say something that makes getting extra income easier. We’re excited to announce an affiliate program for Argento and Swissuplabs.

    This new program allows SW partners to earn a 20% commission for the initial and all recurring orders placed by customers referred by affiliates.

    Affiliate program is always considered to be an important income stream. Through our years of experience with Templates-Master affiliate marketing, we gained fairly good market-share.

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  • October 2016 module updates that will make your website succeed

    October 2016 module updates that will make your website succeed

    “I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers”, said Anne of Green Gables by L. Montgomery. We are also so glad to release good updates to help your website succeed from October.

    We believe you’ve got great results using our September monthly updates rollup. October improvements ensure that you will see new features and modules you can expect to. As usual, the underlying theme of monthly release is improved usability of a store, streamlined checkout process and awesome customer experience.

    Sometimes all you need to launch a successful online business is a well done template. The main goal of Argento theme is to be reusable for all business purposes.

    Take a look at 18 exciting updates for the best Magento responsive theme.

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  • Creating Amazon-like menu using Navigation Pro extension

    Successful Amazon-like menu to try right now

    How you measure the usability in your store? Are you sure your customers can easily find what they're looking for?

    Today we'd like to talk to you about the navigation in your store, specifically about Amazon-style menu. Magento improved navigation is definitely the one of the most essential points when designing a website. Is it really important for you? We hope, it is. Keep reading...

    Our post might be beneficial for managers of large e-commerce stores. Designing large websites you have to help visitors to find the products in your store faster. Well-planned mega navigation menu will come to the assistance.

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  • 14+ Argento updates you will be excited

    14+ Argento updates you will be excited

    In our earlier post we described what we did with Argento in September. We have to say we’ve completed new updates again. It’s always a good idea to benefit your customers with better site performance. We hope you agree.

    By focusing on user experience and latest web trends we keep adding features, modules and bug-fix updates to ensure Argento theme with maximum conversion rate.

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  • 12+ Magento fashion stores to inspire you

    12+ Magento fashion stores to inspire you

    Magento is still at the top. Now a Magento is around 12% of the market share and keeps growing. We suppose the lion's share of success is a Magento 2 version release. The fact that the Magento is a leader among most growing ecommerce platforms is based on launching much more new websites since 2016. Shopping, business, games, technology, health, vehicles, sports, etc. branches use Magento platform as a good starting point.

    Today we’d like to review Magento fashion stores…

    We believe the Magento is designed especially for fashion stores creating. It is one that provides your fashion site with effective combination of awesome products and precise structure.

    We consider stunning websites which decided to improve the bottom line with an extended Magento and Magento 2 functionality. If you want to follow their success, keep reading the post.

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  • September 2016 updates, that are proven to bring results

    September 2016 updates, that are proven to bring results

    In the end of September we want to sum up what we’ve done in order to support you in expanding your business. Our team has been working on developing new design for Argento theme, new extensions, checkout enhancements. We believe our modules are worth to upgrade. Therefore you can see bug fixes, added features and other improvements.

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  • 5 ideas how to edit Magento checkout success page

    5 ideas how to edit checkout success page

    Your Order has been placed. Thank You! How many times customers read this online being about to close the order success page. After ordering users forget about your website, as usual. However, you can keep them on. You might engage your customers to other processes at your website in order to attract them back to your store.

    Today we would like to share with you a simple tutorial that will help you to understand -  

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