Here comes Magento 2 SEO Images feature. We encourage you to use it to help product images to rank better

Here comes Magento 2 SEO Images feature. We encourage you to use it to help product images to rank better

What SEO strategies to implement in order to optimize a website for higher organic search?

Sure, this is always a multiple-step process. But if we take it step by step, day by day, we will prevail. Let’s focus today on optimizing your images for SEO.

We'll talk about the good way to name images with the purpose of ranking well. If your store has an immense number of images, ensure you put maximum descriptive information about your product into the image name. Follow the article to see the easiest way to do that.  

The image and alt tags are not enough for SEO

When generating the product image link, the default Magento 2 algorithm adds URLs with random numbers and letters. Moreover, when resizing image parametres, Magento adds a hash to the image path. As a result, the crawlers see your product image as a plain set of symbols.


It happens that the images are not displayed somehow. So it would be better to still show that maximum visible possible information about the product - more descriptive image name. You could displayed an alternative text that exactly matches with your product.


Let’s see how to add that.

SEO Images feature

We continuously work to integrate new features into our solutions. And that's why we added an SEO Images module to increase the value of SEO Suite toolkit for Magento 2. Basically, the module renames the images of a product to the relevant product name. It is about building more descriptive URL.

SEO Images feature allows building product image names based on product attributes. The image name is mostly the same as a product name. In addition, you can add the product SKU, product name or any product attribute code to the product image name.

How does it work?

The extension does not change any original files. It changes names for resized images only, so it replaces the default hashing algorithm for image path. In the module’s option Use clear parameters for product images you can enable clear parameters presentation or revert to default Magento behaviour.

SEO Images module includes the Image Name section where you can specify a template for product image.

The template supports directives to help you add all the essential information about your product. It will make the products defined appropriately in order for crawlers to understand what the image is saying.

In short,

Optimizing Magento 2 SEO with product images becomes easier if you use the right tools. We introduced our latest technique to make search engines to find your products properly. Try it this way.

We still look for directions towards getting better ranks for your website. And we encourage you to take full advantage of the new feature in your store. Waiting for sharing your comments and experience with it.

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