See what's new in Argento theme updated with Magento enhancements

See what's new in Argento theme updated with Magento enhancements.

Taking into account the big number of Magento stores, security patches still have been prepared by the community. Well, Magento has been updated to version

Sure we move ahead and bring changes to our Magento theme and modules. Thereby, the Magento Argento theme was improved according to the latest release essentials.

What was done for security and other reasons?

In short, Magento Open Source provides your website with security enhancements that help with remote code execution (RCE), cross-site scripting (XSS), cross-site request forgery (CSRF) and other vulnerabilities.

Besides the security patch, Magento comes with the following changes:

  • WebserviceX has been removed from the Magento 1.x codebase.
  • Two new currency services are added for currency rate import.

In order to learn more about updates in the latest Magento version, please look at Magento Open Source Release Notes.

Argento theme updates

New Argento 1.15.0 release delivers Magento compatibility, extra attribute good from a standpoint of SEO, as well as fixes and improvements for 13 Magento modules included in the Argento package.

For instance, Argento Luxury theme has got the added rel=”nofollow” to wishlist link in header. The Highlight template was fixed to make it work with carousel with enabled cache.

See the updates for Argento extensions:

Ajax Pro

  • Fixed add to compare/wishlist actions in Magento

Accelerated Mobile Pages

  • Fixed add/remove item from wishlist when browsing CDN-cached version of the site (Magento compatibility)
  • Added styles for table caption and tables inside tabs

Product Questions - Ask It

  • Added config to sort questions by votes number

Attribute and Brands Pages

  • The Page Title field is now used for H1 tag only (previously, it was used for meta title too)
  • Added ability to set meta title using xml_layout_update field

Easy Banner

  • Added compatibility with lazy image loading feature of PageSpeed module

Easy Tabs

  • Added integration with AMP module


  • Fixed PHP warning about addcslashes parameter

Product Highlight

  • Fixed broken carousel when Magento cache is enabled
  • Added missing SlickCarousel dependency
  • Fixed “Item with ID already exists” at stores with multiple stocks

Page Speed

  • Fixed not working ‘ignore’ config option
  • Improve offset logic for mobile devices

Pro Labels

  • Remove limit from label styles and label text length
  • Do not show system labels for all stores when it’s enabled only for one

Review Reminder

  • Added store view column to the grid
  • Order number added in grid and info tab
  • Added config to disable reminders for guests
  • Fixed grouped products review link

SEO Suite

  • XML Sitemap - Improved image generating for big catalogs


  • Added config option to disable/enable customer profile picture
  • Separate options for testimonials list and form
  • Added config option - min length for a testimonial at frontend

Well, it is always nice to get many boosts for the website with upgrades. We keep working for you to ensure your store is compatible with all possible security changes provided by the Magento team.

All you have to do is to use the updates in a timely manner. If you have any feedback or comments please let us know.

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