23+ Free Magento 2 themes - complete list for June 2020. Plus 11 free Magento 1 templates.

Free Magento 2 themes

When building a website a powerful starting point can be the correctly chosen theme. We strongly believe a Magento theme should cause an emotion. It should also offer the elements you'll need to create the best functionality ever.

Don’t know what exactly the theme to choose? Check out the collection. More and more Magento and Magento 2 templates flood the market every day. Why not start your online business from the free Magento theme.

We keep updating the list of free Magento 2 themes with new ones. For now, you can check the collection ready to use in June 2020.

A feature that has much relevance

As developers, we keep considering the templates that follow the latest e-commerce trends. So there are some must-have features every free Magento 2 themes should include.

First of them is an optimization for mobile devices. This is the keystone of long-term success. Have a look at some tricks to help your website stay ahead in mobile e-commerce.

Well, all the following templates have a responsive design for the theme's elements. That's something in light of the above. There is also the Magento 2 theme that offers much more for mobile users than plain responsive design. Keep reading.

Complete list of free Magento 2 themes


You might have heard about record-holder in Magento downloads. Over 100 000 Magento 1.x Absolute theme installations since template launching! Templates-Master has prepared Magento 2 free Absolute theme. The name tells you what you can expect: the design and usability are perfect. Two modules are in package: Font Awesome and Slick Carousel. That makes it easy to create custom sliders as well as add many awesome visual elements to your web pages. What makes M2 Absolute great is the integrated Theme Editor. It brings a quick way to change Absolute Theme styles with small CSS knowledge. Check it out! You can download it here. Support is available via our community forum.

Ves Need

You will definitely love the Ves Need theme. Optimized for mobile devices. Friendly off-canvas menu. Product list carousel and many level drop-down menus. The developers packed Ves Need with full well-organized PSD source files. Keep customizing your own store using the free template. You can use this template without author copyright link in the footer. Three-month support is only 65$.

Agile Owlet

Meet the Magento 2 template for stores that offer a range of products for children and parents. Awesome pastel colors in the design. The homepage includes tabs, product slider, new products, and today's offer block. You can see a banner with navigating points decorated as text. This well-organized and responsive Magento 2.2 theme is worth your attention. Note: You are free to choose the theme in case you pay for hosting.

Fashion House

Fashion House looks great as a starting point for your fashion website. The template attracts visitors with an elegant and modern design. The developers added awesome sliders. You can see featured products block and informative banners in the footer. Try a demo to see other cool features. Note: You are free to choose the theme in case you pay for hosting.


Another Magento 2 theme with advanced features is a Pixtron. Whatever your store specializes in, the Pixtron will be great for your website. A professional, clean, and classy layout. Responsive design. Touch-optimized slideshow. Off-canvas menu and featured product list.


Take a look at the Diamond theme if you like flat design. Neat and classy style. Deals of the Day slider, custom blocks, and testimonials are on the homepage. The template includes a few Magento extensions that help you to create a positive user experience in your store. Note: You are free to choose the theme in case you pay for hosting.

Ves Kasitoo

Ves Kasitoo template provides you with important features for a successful eCommerce business. Lovely design. Touch-optimized product carousel. Retina-ready images, product tabs carousel and off-canvas menu. There are also social media buttons and featured products block on the homepage. Feel free to use this beautiful theme without the author's copyright link. Among extra charges, you can see 55$ installation fee and 3-month support for 59$.


If you're looking for a Magento 2 template designed for an auto store, Bentriz is what you can stick to. This awesome theme also fits the websites selling auto spare parts, cars, bikes, and tools. Contrasting color combinations make the template look very appealing. Bentriz theme has a responsive design, touch slideshow, off-canvas menu. See more details on the theme's page.


If you prefer dark Magento 2 theme with stylish contrasts, try the Couturier template. It starts inviting visitors with elegant store design. They can see New Arrival, Best Seller, Trending tabs on the home page. You will definitely love the template for branded leather handbags and accessories shop. It also suits any other fashion shop with a remarkable selection of products for men and women. Note: You are free to choose the theme in case you pay for hosting.

EM Necessary

Have a look at Necessary! Despite giving free this vivid template comes with many extra features. Designers offer fullwidth banner and 3 banners under the slideshow. As well as social icons in a footer, payment logos, brands slider, and much more. It looks amazing and very helpful. You have to buy Unique license to use a template with your copyright.

Ves Vigoss

The beautiful minimalist design theme is based on Magento 2.0 blank theme. Now it includes Bootstrap 3.x layout components and lots of nice features. Ajax Cart, Font Awesome, Quickview, Gallery image product detail, Brand logo slider. A few checkout process improvements. Try the Magento 2 theme for fashion, digital, or accessories' online store.


Pavilion theme is well-suited for any eCommerce sites selling sports apparel and equipment. Metro Ui design immediately catches your attention. You've got bold typography and a dynamic arrangement of promotional blocks. Try the demo of this responsive Magento 2.1 theme to see more features. Note: You are free to choose the theme in case you pay for hosting.

Ves Yume

Look at Free Ves Yume. You may ask yourself “ Why to spend more?” The template is too close to bring a stunning shopping experience. Ves Yume is responsive that increases mobile sales. It also offers a powerful set of features. Off-canvas menu and header link, ajax cart, essential checkout Improvements. Besides you’ve got a template combined with Bootstrap 3.x layout components. You can buy 3 months extra support package for 59$. Feel free to use this template without author copyright link in the footer.

Ves Fasony

Without a doubt, this template is worth attention. The developers built Ves Fasony with Bootstrap 3.x that makes template fit all e-commerce stores. Among features, you can see the brand carousel and responsive off-canvas mega menu. Touch-optimized slideshow and improved new products block on the homepage. You can buy support for 3 months and 65$. You can use this template without author copyright link in the footer.


The Fitness theme will help you to promote goods at wellness, fitness, and gym websites. The developers made it simple and vivid. You've got a perfect combination of white space between design elements and featured product lists. Pay attention to the customized navigation menu. You can see the highlighted top category name, an added widget to display the product, etc. Note: You are free to choose the theme in case you pay for hosting.


Try out BizKick as a starting point for your online business. The theme starts encouraging customers with a slideshow on the homepage. You can also see the featured product list, off-canvas menu, auto install demo content. The Bizkick template comes with 2 paid compatible extensions. The theme is good for stores selling digital and mobile devices, fashion, bags, shoes, or accessories.

Ketty Magento 2 Beta

This theme looks nice on every screen resolution. If you’re going to launch a fashion apparel store you may find Ketty much helpful. So many features are ready to use. Custom promotional sliders. Images optimized for Retina devices. Configurable swatches and ajax shopping cart support. The developer does not provide support services on free templates. You can use this template without author copyright link in the footer.


The Accessories theme is ready to be your one-stop template for the supermarket. This template is nice for any eCommerce site possessing huge ranges of products. You've got a few features. Carousel to help you showcase your products in a nice sliding manner. Customized navigation menu, image gallery, and related product block on the product page. Note: You are free to choose the theme in case you pay for hosting.


FreeGo theme does a great job when it comes to high usability building. Among features, you can see the blog and brand owl carousel. Ready to use static blocks, off-canvas menu, new/featured product list. This template comes with Sold Out and Scroll To Top modules included. Try a demo to see either FreeGo triggers an excitement. Technical support will not be available for the free version. You should use this template with the author's copyright link in the footer.


Luma steps ahead of the good reputation of the previous default Magento theme. Apart from a responsive design, the Luma comes with all features of the updated platform. Choose Luma if you like simplicity. Magento 2 also offers an easy way to customize a default theme's styles.


The Gift template will help you to create a unique and eye-catching website for your gifts and souvenirs. This Magento 2.1 free theme inspires visitors with elegant and vivid design elements. There are lots of extra features. Custom navigation menu. Horizontal product tabs on the product page. Quick view window on a category page. Note: You are free to choose the theme in case you pay for hosting.


One more Magento 2 free template is the F2 theme. We see it will be perfect for fashion websites. Responsive design will help you be friends with your mobile visitors. The theme has advanced options. They will make your store look attractive and functional. Some of the following features will come in handy. Slider and configurable swatches. Custom page design. Carousel product listing. F2 is worth adding to your website, indeed.


The developers designed Rapid Magento 2.1 responsive theme for the fashion industry. There are many images on the homepage that catch users' attention. Appealing custom blocks show the availability of outlet products for sale. Note: You are free to choose the theme in case you pay for hosting.

We'd like to share with you also a checklist of 56 Free Magento templates shown at the Argento theme site. You will explore the latest free alternatives both for Magento 1 and Magento 2. Just go and take a look.

Thus, in our article today, let us mention 11 Magento free templates we like the most.

Free Magento themes


Our first choice fell on the Classic theme. This time-tested template with over 250,000 downloads will be suitable for any kind of store. The Classic theme features 10 color presets. Based on the 3 column home page layout. You've also got some useful features. Featured product slider. New products block with a slider on the homepage. The Classic theme is easy to customize which helps you to create the online business in a short time.

SM Glasses

The template is nice for a store selling sunglasses, eyeglasses, eyewear, optical glasses. Black and white background makes the SM Glasses theme look captivating and trendy. The developers featured the homepage with 2 menu types and social icons. You can also see featured products block and the banner with brands.


ClothesStore template suits the best the clothes and accessory online stores. Modern elegant look. Clean 2-column layout. Megamenu. Animated pictures, parallax scrolling, full-width sliders, and images. All the features create an amazing showcase for apparel, shoes, accessories, etc.


The Grayscale theme is good for stores selling electronic gadgets, jewelry, or accessories. You can use an admin-side-manageable banner slider on the home page. Horizontal product/categories menu. Newsletter sign-up block and most popular product block. Shopping cart side-bar, customer service block, up-sells, and cross-sells. The Grayscale theme is available in 5 different styles: Gray, Green, Blue, Red, Orange. Create a memorable first impression on your own website.


Meet the easiest way to buy and sell furniture online. Delicate pastel color palette. A beautiful grid modern slider. The Furnittou theme will be great for uncomplicated websites that feature a good user interface design.

Ves Shoppy

Ves Shoppy is another simple clothing store Magento theme for you. Built on bootstrap 3.x and RWD layout & template. Responsive design. Sass + Sass fallback structure. Ajax add to cart, quick view product, configurable swatches, and Google fonts. Ves Shoppy is multilingual & RTL ready. The template allows you to use a mega menu builder to create dynamic navigation. Thus you can display the categories in mega menu, vertical menu, mobile menu.


The Ideales theme is perfect for architecture site or interior/exterior portfolio. For home furniture, decoration, home renovation service. In the live preview, you can test the view of the template on different screens. The template looks good on smartphones, tablets, and desktop screens. Beautiful graphic design and simple functionality will help you to build a user-friendly website.


Are you looking for a Magento theme with great widgets built-in? Titany theme was designed to help you showcase traveling goods, clothes, shoes in the best possible way. The template provides 8 widgets included for free. Thus you can show either best sellers or sale-off products directly on a homepage. Responsive for all devices. Among other features, you can see the hover effect over product thumbnail, the product quick-view, and ajax add to cart features. Titany also includes a custom Product labels extension.


Trex responsive Magento template is a pro designed free Magento sample for the bike and bike accessories web stores. It offers a powerful set of features like a mega menu, product slider, slideshow and off-canvas menu for mobile users. Playing with 5 color presets, you will deliver highly visual and attractive online presence of your favorite store. Trex is not for cycling industry only. It can be very useful for any other site. View the demo to assure yourself.

Cozy Home

Cozy Home is a classic standard theme that makes it easy to start a business that sells furniture online. This home furniture Magento template is flexible and easy to customize. On the homepage, you can see the new products block, a discount banner and the navigation block displayed on the left. Cozy Home is one of free, high quality, professional Magento themes worth to try out.

Shoe Store

Start selling shoes with Shoe Store theme and see your business growth shortly after the launch. The Shoe Store is a free responsive Magento theme perfect to sell the shoes, clothes, opticals, fashion products, etc. The template includes an image slider that is a great solution to promote your products. Customers can also use the quick shop and add to cart options to save time and proceed to purchase faster.

Ves Bakerop

Would you like to turn your baking passion into a lucrative business? Appetizing design of Ves Bakerop template makes it the best solution for candy shops, bakeries, cafe, and restaurant websites. The theme is prominent with its advanced settings for quick creation of a Magento store. Thus it includes a quickstart package, live theme editor and auto loading custom CSS files. Ves Bakerop is built on bootstrap version 3.0. A responsive framework of this theme is fully adaptive to the most popular screen resolutions.

A word on what we promised.

Best Magento 2 theme for mobile users

Deliver the best user experience on mobile devices with Argento theme. It has an impressive list of awesome designs and Magento 2 extensions in a package. Check out 2 new designs for the Magento 2 Argento: Luxury and Stripes. The template is not free. Nevertheless, we'd like to mention about Argento template because of AMP support. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages will help you to optimize your store for high mobile ranking.

When it comes to driving business success Argento is everything you need. The template looks great on every screen resolution. Here are some best Magento 2 practices: Font Awesome 4, LESS, CSS3, HTML5, Javascript carousel. Try the demo  to learn more about all benefits of Magento 2 Argento themes in one place.

For now, you may focus on one of 15 free Magento 2 templates mentioned in our post as well as on 12 templates for previous Magento version. All they are truly worth to be reviewed to keep the leadership in a highly competitive market.

However, we hope developers will go on to creating much more free Magento themes. We will monitor progress. Stay with us.

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