The difference between Magento 2 checkout page layouts and How to Use Them

The difference between Magento 2 checkout page layouts and How to Use Them.

Sometimes the Magento checkout page gets confusing. It has occurred that users have had difficulties with not full page loading. Either a multi-page checkout layout is not the one you want. So, you may find yourselves wondering if it is possible to change the layout in Magento 2 checkout.

In this post, we' ll show you 5 very well organized checkout page layouts available for Magento 2 stores. They all provide a clear interface, dynamic ajax updates, and easy to use functionality,  

Below you’ll see the difference between layouts. Continue to discover the best for your website.

Magento 2 Checkout Page optimized by FireCheckout extension

We are gonna show you the checkout page layouts implemented in the FireCheckout extension. In fact, the module gives you many layout options, so you can easily enable/disable the display of a header, logo, navigation, and footer.

Furthermore, you can also choose up to 4 awesome themes. Thereby you will see the layout examples presented in different skins.

1 Column Expanded

The single-column layout is generally accepted by those websites which do not ask much of the information. So it does not need to increase the number of checkout fields. On this page, all required fields are grouped orderly. You can see a sticky Order Summary block, so your customers can easily review the information without scrolling. This layout puts full attention to the Place Order button.

Along with the single-column layout, you can use the one-click checkout feature. The registered customers with the saved billing/payment information to their account previously, won't need to fill in the fields in those sections. In case the default shipping/payment methods enabled by default in admin, the clients will only have to click on the Place Order button.

The option significantly reduces the time of the entire checkout flow and definitely leads to higher conversion.  

1 Column - Multi step Wizard

The Wizard layout type is a multi-step checkout for Magento 2 store. It provides the separated input of customer details into two pages.

You can see a 1-column checkout page with a sticky order summary block visible all the time. We pay your attention to the Magento 2 checkout progress bar that brings users a clear idea of where they are and where they would be in the next step.

On the top of the page, your customers will also see the additional element of trust - a logo of your company.

The improved styles and proper utilization of the white-spaces help customers to be engaged in every section.

2 Columns with Wide Payment and Shipping sections

As an alternative, many users choose 2-columns checkout page layout. It looks like the layout is split into 2 parts on the same page.

This layout would be appropriate for the store:

  • where is required a lot of space for the display of shipping and payment methods
  • in case if the number of the required fields to input is much larger than usual

A one-click checkout feature is available within this type of layout.

2 Columns with Payment and Shipping sections placed side by side

Another 2-column layout is designed for Magento 2 sites where the shipping and payment sections have an equal height. For instance, if your store provides many expanded shipping options.

A one-click checkout feature is also available within this type of layout.

3 Columns

And the last template has a 3 column structure for checkout fields.

You can see that all checkout fields are presented on one page and are merged in one step. This layout type is considered one of the most efficient for B2B eCommerce that always calls for components intuitively visible together:

  • the ease of navigation through all checkout steps
  • simple and well-arranged page design
  • automatic access to any section of the checkout flow
  • all-important fields are kept in customer sight

A one-click checkout feature is available within this type of layout. In fact, the feature completes the positive checkout with a personalized customer experience.

While offering a variety of checkout page layouts, FireCheckout module gives you additional benefits. Let's consider two of them. We believe you will spot them as must-have for a successful checkout process.  

A well-thought-out mobile checkout

As you can see above, we introduced 2-column and 3-column layouts which can be used on desktop only. But a one-page checkout layout provided by the FireCheckout module ensures the best mobile commerce experience as well. In terms of the ability to browse, purchase and pay for products, the extension follows Magento recommendations on how to optimize the checkout flow on mobile e-commerce channels.

We do suggest you read the article about how to Make up 100% sales on mobile devices with Magento 2 checkout.

Faster than default checkout

Whatever checkout form you provide - multi-step or one step checkout page, you have to process the checkout process lightning fast. It is easy in case you choose the FireCheckout module. It includes jsBuild option to speed up checkout flow on the Magento 2 site. You can enable the option in the extension configuration. In addition, you can specify the definite paths to process within performance improvement.

Briefly to conclude

Considering the fact that every single customer is looking for simple and fast experience online, FireCheckout is one of the best checkout extension for Magento 2 e-commerce websites.

The professional look of all checkout layouts will make users focus on completing the checkout maximum quickly. That way you get less shopping cart abandonment and more loyal clients.

We encourage you to take full advantage of the information in our article and to share your comments and experience with us.

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