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  • 9 tips to help customers navigate through ecommerce store successfully

    9 tips to help customers navigate through ecommerce store successfully

    “If you build a great experience, customers tell each other about that, word of mouth is very powerful.”– Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

    We would like to echo this remark and say...

    If you want to build a great user experience in your own ecommerce website, show customers that your store is easy to navigate.

    This post is expected to help you create intuitive navigation that visitors perceive. We’re going to share with you some practices for navigation to show customers new ways to get around a website. Continue to read to ensure your visitors get the best experience through the navigation.  

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  • 50+ April module updates to help your site boost the conversion rate

    Title - 50+ April module updates to help your site boost the conversion rate

    If you run an ecommerce business you don't stop dreaming about increasing your conversion rate. We join you.

    What does actually a website conversion includes? We guess it is:

    • the product value
    • the visitor motivation
    • easy and user-friendly shopping process on your site.  

    Well, the third point is what we are doing.

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  • What's better than Fire Checkout 4.0 with new features?

    What’s better than Fire Checkout 4.0 with new features?

    We’ve got something big to announce today. Our best Magento one page checkout extension is going to make a difference to the bottom line for the checkout process in your store.

    New FireCheckout 4.0 release brings new features and 10+ essential changes to help your ecommerce website be accomplished. Let’s rule out the reasons for abandonment during a checkout together. Improve the checkout flow in your store and get more sales than you expect.  

    Marching to FireCheckout updates!

    Improving the UI and UX with new FireCheckout updates

    New module release brings a range of improvements both for user interface and user experience on the checkout page in your store. Let’s look what you get:

    • Fresh look for all FireCheckout elements
    • Popup windows
    • Loader animations
    • Forms, checkboxes and radio buttons. You can use three types of new form styles: Default form styles, Wide fields and Horizontal form. 

    Here you can see two additional form styles with hidden labels and horizontal fields.

    • New layout type: “2 columns with sticky Order Review”

    Do you see how nice does it look on tablet? We don’t forget that sales via mobile devices  overtake the desktop sales.


    • Smart layout feature, that automatically changes the layout to “2 columns with sticky Order Review” for customers with saved addresses

    This new option of FireCheckout makes the checkout layout friendly. You can see that  the"Order Confirmation" section has the fixed position and always stays in the viewport. It provides your customers with better user experience.

    Among other improvements there is an ability to use hidden labels and animated placeholders for address forms.

    You can also show to your customers absolutely new user-friendly calendar popup for delivery date and date of birth fields since FireCheckout 4.0 release.

    Fixing bugs step by step

    • Fixed bug with free shipping coupon and ‘Hide other shipping methods’ config
    • Fixed possible error when merge is enabled: ‘TypeError: (intermediate value) is not a function’
    • Fixed error, when adding virtual item and free shipping is available
    • Fixed logic in DependentFields component
    • Improved ‘Date of Birth’ instant validation
    • Small js and css fixes

    Focusing more on developer’s needs

    FireCheckout 4.0 release comes with Javascript enhancements for developers’ needs. There are much more changes to javascripts, that bring greater flexibility. The checkout page is extremely valuable. Create the unique one with ease. The following improvements will help you to make the Magento one step checkout page perfectly fit your ecommerce store.

    New components were added:

    • FC.Sticky to create sticky elements.
    • FC.Utils with commonly used functions.
    • FC.Calendar to create date input fields.
    • FC.ForgotPassword to easily provide the forgot-password functionality in any place of firecheckout page.
    • FC.Loader to easily show loading animations on buttons, input elements or globally.

    Hope your ecommerce store will benefit from FireCheckout 4.0 release. With every release we make sure we are doing everything possible to make the entire checkout experience simplified. Even the simplest changes will help you to keep the client.

    Stay tuned. Get more out of our partnership.

  • March module updates you need to stay ahead

    March module updates you need to stay ahead

    Are you ready to earn respect for your ecommerce business plan? In order to earn respect you’ll have to be farsighted. We mean you have to enrich your online store with new functionality. Here we are, the people who are ready to improve your website.

    Want to make your site better? Have a look at Magento solutions updated in March, 2017.

    If you are thinking about Argento, it might be pleasant to know about two latest Argento releases.

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  • Why you need to implement Accelerated Mobile Pages for your Magento site

    Magento AMP integration

    Business is going to be completely mobile. Over 10 Billion mobile connected devices are currently in use. Talking about statistics on mobile e-commerce in the United States in 2016 we see that:

    • 125 million U.S. users own smartphones
    • 50 million U.S. users own tablets
    • 62% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using the mobile device
    • 80% of buyers used a mobile phone inside of a shop to either view product reviews, compare prices or find alternative store locations.

    Thus if you don’t want to be behind, you would better to start customizing your eCommerce website to suit mobile visitors.

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  • case study that would motivate you case study that would motivate you

    We believe that one of good ways to let you know about our services is to encourage our partners speak. Nowadays, we have collaborating our lovely clients throughout the world. Through our interview process with our customers we have found everyone had his own path to walk and steps to take.

    Happily, real success stories came out through a nice relation with the Swissuplabs team. Thus, we decided to inform you about the process our clients were going.

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  • 5 Reasons why you’d better to follow up Argento 0.9.5 release for Magento 2

    5 Reasons why you'd better to follow up Argento 0.9.5 release for Magento 2

    How to maximize the revenue? You know you can get closer to this through using feature-rich Magento 2 template.

    Providing visitors with awesome website design you will help your site come first in search rank. Providing the ecommerce store with big range of features and functions you will make users feel fully satisfied with store service and get positive customer feedback with impact on sales.

    Try to choose to make the best out of Argento theme. 

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  • February module updates that bring to your site both visitors and revenue

    February module updates that bring to your site both visitors and revenue

    Spring is in the air. The days are getting warmer. People become happier. The number of active customers is growing up.

    We are not only sharing our feelings and observations. We are going to share the latest news about Swiss Up Labs’s work in February 2017. Good news is that 16 modules were upgraded in order to help you advance your website with new functionality.

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  • Supercharge your website with modules updated for Magento

    Supercharge your website with modules updated for Magento

    Magento has recently released new Community edition version. New release is expected to improve a quality of catalog and payments as well as your site security, that is of major importance for your ecommerce business.  

    So, what do you have to know about Magento CE release...

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  • Valuable January updates for your Magento store

    Valuable January updates that help you build higher performance website

    Every month we work to help you grow in the future. We try to connect you with your online users.

    What we are doing is simple:

    1. Provide you with module updates to make the website performance better
    2. Bring new valuable features that will enhance your store functionality
    3. Develop new Magento solutions which help your business stay ahead of your competitors
    4. Help you make the right steps to grow your business
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