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  • Supercharge your website with modules updated for Magento

    Supercharge your website with modules updated for Magento

    Magento has recently released new Community edition version. New release is expected to improve a quality of catalog and payments as well as your site security, that is of major importance for your ecommerce business.  

    So, what do you have to know about Magento CE release...

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  • Valuable January updates for your Magento store

    Valuable January updates that help you build higher performance website

    Every month we work to help you grow in the future. We try to connect you with your online users.

    What we are doing is simple:

    1. Provide you with module updates to make the website performance better
    2. Bring new valuable features that will enhance your store functionality
    3. Develop new Magento solutions which help your business stay ahead of your competitors
    4. Help you make the right steps to grow your business
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  • How to beat the competition with Argento 1.8.5?

    How to beat the competition with Argento 1.8.5?

    In order to have a successful online business these days, what website is considered competitive? The competitive site is one that keeps your audience engaged and attract new users. No matter what type of products you are selling you have to plan thoroughly each page of your website, in other words, to refine the functionality of your online store.

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  • Practical guide: Magento and Magento 2 layered navigation

    Practical guide: Magento and Magento 2 layered navigation

    Layered navigation is a significant point in building a website especially when you suggest visitors extensive product catalogs with a lot of attributes. Imagine how long a customer should search a desired product with particular color or a size during browsing your website. It often happens that users give up a page. You lose customer, you lose a sale. After all you don’t want this, right?

    In previous post we have promised we’d discuss Magento layered navigation in your store.

    Continue reading to know how to enable filter products on category page and get customers engaged in more convenient purchase process.

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  • How December updates can improve your website?

    How December updates can improve your website?

    We hope you had a blessed time enjoying the winter festivities. It's always good to relax while doing things that you love. Swissuplabs team is passionate about what we do. We're glad we had the opportunity to do a great job during December.  

    “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” -  Aristotle.  

    So, let's find out what was made in December 2016 to help you achieve the perfect results in your e-commerce business.  

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  • Where to find a way to achieve your goals in 2017

    Where to find a way to achieve your goals in 2017

    Welcome the new year!

    SwissUpLabs team is about to embark on a successful year. Assuming that all the festivities are over, let’s start together with new goals and aspirations. It means it’s the time to keep working and get another chance to do everything we want to do in 2017. You don’t have to stand on your head to succeed. Allow us to do that.

    A cat in gloves catches no mice. We know and we're going to work our butt off. Our goal is to maximize e-commerce value for you. We hope you enjoy collaboration with us. In order to remind you we are a trusted company, we'd like to reflect on all that has happened at SwissUpLabs throughout the 2016.    

    Also while you are planning a special dinner menu and no gifts are not expected more, we still want to make a present for you. Let the two days be accompanied by 25% on Templates-Master Magento modules and themes with code NY2017. The offer is valid until January 2.

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  • 5 days of Christmas sale on Magento extensions and templates

    5 days of Christmas sale on Magento extensions and  templates

    After finishing the advertisements for Black Friday deals you've missed out a big deal. Did you? Keep your cool. Swissuplabs team meets halfway.

    We have what you are thinking about…

    Take advantage of Christmas sale. Come in our store for amazing deals. We thought you wouldn’t want to miss this.

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  • Quick guide: Argento December update

    Quick guide: Argento December updates

    It's not enough to be up to date, you have to be up to tomorrow.” - David Ben-Gurion.

    Once installed Argento theme in your store, you get released updates each month. By following new changes you can create an amazing well functioning website where a user can easily satisfy his needs. Argento is available today, tomorrow, ever.  

    So, what’s new in 1.8.4 release?

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  • November module updates that will motivate you today

    November module updates that will motivate you today

    At the beginning of each month we present an information about updates that plays a significant role in enhancing visitors experience. Optimizing website functionality can add a credibility at any point of sales process. We are happy to provide you with professional Magento modules which help you do the most of your store performance. Therefore you’re always invited to apply all changes you need in time.  

    Why we keep improving our modules?

    2017 is right around the corner. New year brings fresh ecommerce challenges. Facing new tasks, you have to be well experienced in possible questions around a website. Creating engaging content is just the first step to having an effective web presence.

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  • Every Business Can Benefit From Cloudways Magento Hosting

    Improving Magento checkout with address verification and autocomplete

    Cloudways, a veteran in Magento Hosting, is a PaaS provider which offers you great Magento Hosting experience on top of cloud providers like Amazon AWS, Google GCE, DigitalOcean, Vultr, and Kyup. Cloudwaysplatform also gives you a complete Managed Magento Hosting solution like never before.

    At Cloudways, our motto is "Managed Cloud Hosting for Everyone," which means that it is the best fit for anyone who wants to host their websites on magento regardless of their experience or expertise. It gives freedom to users to use the platform according to their needs.

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