September 2019 module updates do more for your site

September 2019 module updates do more for your site

What do you actually want your business to achieve? More traffic, better online conversions? Or maybe increased revenues?

To be honest, for us it doesn't seem like a long-term task. We believe you participate in our Magento extensions club and thus use the solutions to improve your website's user experience. Being user-friendly is part of what makes a customer purchase easily and get back to buy again.

Well, and so we came with monthly updates report as usual. You'll see what has been created to enhance your store functionality. Read more.

Updates for Magento 2 Argento theme

The Argento theme is really good, as good as possible in fact. However, we keep on working on new enhancements. Look at new solutions included in the template in 1.13.2 - 1.13.3 - 1.14.0 releases.

New SEO Images module as a part of SEO Suite toolkit

The module is about optimizing images for search engines. The visual image perception is good, but at the same time, you can also add a related keyword text to optimize the image for better ranks.

The SEO Images extension allows you building a product image name based on product attributes. You can use the same product name for the image, for instance. See more on the module docs page.

New slideout menu

The slideout menu is provided by the built-in M2 Navigation Pro module. What’s on that?

  • Creating eye-catching navigation experience
  • Saving space on a screen
  • Improving user experience. The menu helps customers stay on the same page but find what they want.

And much more besides...

The recent release comes with a lazy load feature for brand sliders. It also includes some minor CSS improvements for Easy Catalog Images, Slick Carousel and Highlight modules as well as fixes for Argento Force theme.

Besides, you have to know that the Argento template always meets the latest Magento coding standards requirements. The serialize was removed from theme installers this time.

To see more updates, just visit the Argento updates page.

Magento 2 Argento extension updates

Updates for Magento 2 extensions

In September we've done good work on the FireCheckout module. Previously we informed you about the new js bundling option that dramatically improves checkout page load. In case you missed the news, please read the post about FireCheckout 1.20 release. There you will also see what else has been improved in your favorite Magento 2 one step checkout extension.


Good news is the FireCheckout is SCA (3D Secure 2.0) ready. Do you know how important it is for the websites which are operating within the European Economic Area? Here's the notice which you may read.

We also must remind you once more that Navigation Pro for Magento 2 has got multiple new features. Start using them to simplify:

  • creating a new menu
  • styling a menu with custom CSS
  • adding a Slide-out navigation menu

Learn more about 6 ideas to catch up on improving the Magento 2 navigation. See M2 Navigation Pro 1.13 release. 


Since 1.1.0 release the Magento 2 PDF Invoices extension allows you:

The following Magento 2 extensions were updated with minor improvements and fixes: Helpdesk 1.1.2, Checkout Success Page 1.3.4, Attributes and Brands Pages 1.4.3, Delivery Date 1.4.3, Product Tabs 1.7.1-1.7.2, Image Slider 1.5-1.5.1-1.5.2, Easy Catalog Images 1.4.2, AMP 1.3.6.

Well, in summary, we hope the recent updates will help your website get better online conversions and increased revenues.

If you want to drop us a line, just do it. Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to bring our Magento 2 themes and extensions to the highest level.

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