Our 2020: from new template designs to 6 Magento 2 modules. Read to be prepared for successful 2021

Our 2020: from new template designs to 6 Magento 2 modules. Read to be prepared for successful 2021.

Good to see you in 2021. While the last year has been a challenging year for all, we are here and ready to work for you.

You know, we send a product updates list every month for all customers. January 2021 would be no exception. Yet we’d like to share with you more than that. We’re going to show what our SwissUpLabs team has accomplished last year. This was possible thanks in large part to your feedback and our collaboration.

Our overall aim has been to keep up with the demands of our clients. Progress for FireCheckout. New design and functionality for Argento theme. 6 new Magento 2 extensions release. Anyway, let's take a look.

Achievements of 2020

Argento awards

We've decided to give Argento the award in honor of its achievements. Our premium Magento 2 theme was very lucky to get:

We are proud of the Argento theme standard in stores in 19 countries. For months our template was at the top in Magento Theme usage distribution on the entire internet. Argento ranks third in the USA, 4 in Netherlands, Germany.

FireCheckout progress

Throughout 2020 we continued to add advantages to the Magento 2 checkout page by the FireCheckout module. See some of them:

Plus we added a ReCaptcha protection to the checkout page. With our Magento 2 ReCaptcha extension you are able to secure your ecommerce site at checkout.

PWA modules compatibility

A big change for us this year is we started working on PWA modules compatibility. We were taking our first steps. And of course, we will update you with news in early 2021.

Please stay tuned.

6 new extension releases

We consider 2020 very lucky for releasing new modules for Magento 2. Custom functionality will help you to extend your website possibilities. Some of the modules aimed to simplify your workflow, so you could use your spare time to strengthen your business.

We introduced 6 Magento 2 extensions. They are:

Page Builder makes it easier to build Magento 2 pages. Try a simple interface and helpful functionality to add a unique content for your store.  


Marketplace extension provides the simplest way to install Magento 2 modules and themes. Learn more.

Knowledge Base extension enables a simple way to organize the knowledge base well. So users could easily access all possible information about your service and products. Read more about the module.

Full Page Cache Warmer extension will help you to set up an automated cache pre-loading process. See more about having a fast-performing website for every single visitor.

Email Templates is a must-have module for sending transactional emails with nice designs and useful options. Check out why it would be beneficial to use the extension.

PDF Invoices extension helps you generate nice looking PDF files faster. Read the article about more advantages of our PDF Magento extension.

MySQL Search extension gives you the possibility to use Mysql search in Magento 2.4.

See more details.

Let us now turn to the monthly update roll-up. See improvements added to Magento 2 modules and themes in December 2020.

List of monthly updates

Argento 1.22.0

Last month we added the following enhancements to the Argento theme:

  • Elements pages and styles added to Stripes and Luxury designs
  • Added LESS variables for footer bottom links
  • Added logos for transactional emails
  • Fixed an error in the related block on product pages
  • Added GDPR for review reminder module
  • Argento Essence: homepage tabs now built with EasyTabs widget
  • Argento Pure: removed base64 image backgrounds
  • Argento Force: added copyright in the footer, Navigation Pro style fixes
  • Argento Home: improved styles for different tabs layouts

We’ve also added the updates for 12 modules - Ajax Pro 1.5.15, Ajax Search 1.10.0, AMP 1.4.8, Askit 1.9.1, Attribute Pages 1.3.3, Easytabs 1.9.5, Highlight 1.7.3, Lightbox Pro 1.3.1, Navigation Pro 1.15.0, ProLabels 1.5.16, Sold Together 1.7.7, Testimonials 1.2.15.

We keep providing updates for the Magento Argento template. See details of Argento 1.15.1 release:

  • Fixed js error when inline JS minification enabled in PageSpeed module.
  • EasyBanners: fixed missing class name on the banner when it's inserted as a widget.
  • SEO XML Sitemap: respect ‚ÄėExclude CMS‚Äô config; add homepage URL to a sitemap file.
  • Sold Together: fixed DDL statements are not allowed in transactions error.
  • Rich Snippets: added option for Price Valid Until. Now it can be a dynamic date - offset from today.

Updates for Magento 2 extensions

In December we created 2 new designs for our PDF Invoices module. The new PDF templates are in the style of Argento Stripes and Luxury themes. So, starting with the 1.3.0 version, you can choose up to five attractive designs. Plus, we added a configuration option to select the address template used in PDF.

The Navigation Pro 1.15.0 version was enriched with one more Magento 2 navigation menu. We have told you of the new Stackable Slideout Menu variation in the blog article. Click and see.

Product Highlight 1.7.0 version received the ability to set description and meta tags for highlight pages.

In the 1.4.8 release of the AMP module, we added a custom styles field in the module backend configuration.

Look at the major updates for the Page Builder module of 1.0.3 and 1.0.4 releases:

  • We added a quick filter to the section tree. You can activate it with a forward-slash/keyboard shortcut and deactivate it with the ESC key. See a short video on Vimeo
  • The config is now saved to the same scope level where it was taken from. Before it was always saved to the current store view scope.
  • The Section tree is now correctly updated after ajax response. It shows all available blocks to edit.

In the latest versions (1.0.4, 1.0.5, 1.10) of the Email Templates module we released many cool features. See some of them here:

  • Added store view selector in the email preview.
  • Ability to use a simple product image for the configurable product at the ordered items table in the new order template. You have to select respective options for the shopping cart first.
  • New Luxury, Force, Stripes, and Home emails designs.
  • Email designs feature that makes it easier to apply email design. We added an email design dropdown¬†to the core Magento interface.

Product tabs 1.9.5 version has got the added Page Builder support to product tabs.

Abandoned Cart 1.0.3 - 1.0.4 updates are:

  • Added capture newsletter subscriber email.
  • Added notification for admin about pending abandoned carts emails.
  • Added collect totals in email preview to make it look like a real email.

In sum

Here was a look back at our achievements of 2020. Overall, it may be said that we made the best use of our time to create so valuable products for our clients.

Your comments and feedback helped to make the experience in developing new extensions and advanced features for Magento 2 websites. We encourage you to share your suggestions and thereafter.

And there's one last thing we want to say. Stay safe and healthy. Take care of your family. We will work for you again.

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