New Magento 2 email templates extension is ready to use!

Do you know how to apply custom design to all Magento 2 email templates? Not yet? Review the new Email Templates module!

How to send the transactional emails to have them proceed with further user actions? How to make your email content speak to your subscribers? We think we came up with an answer.

Check out our new Magento 2 Email Templates module with nice designed templates and advanced features. In our article, we are gonna show you the benefits of using custom Magento 2 email templates as well as give you all the necessary information about the extension.

Let's build your brand with a contribution to the email template.

When saying this, we mean that email content talks on in the right direction in case if the email template is a well-arranged and attractive. It really helps you to speak to your subscribers and registered customers.

Whatever you are gonna send - customer registration email, password reset email, shipping notifications, you likely want them fit your brand company design. And here's where the Magento 2 email templates extension works the best.

The module comes with 3 ready-to-use templates. They are enriched with additional pre-designed blocks to gain more user interest. See what you can do with your brand new custom email template.

Add image to email template

For instance, you can see the image next to ordered items in a new order email. Great pictures play an important role in driving user's engagement.

In the default Magento 2 email template there is no product image in the order details section. Our module enables a quick and easy way to insert an image there.

Add custom CSS to email template 

The second important feature of the module is adding custom CSS for your email templates. Styling emails with CSS helps you to improve the look of your company template. Highly visible buttons, unique fonts or creative alignments of content make the emails follow your exclusive brand guidelines.

The Email Template module includes the advanced text editor with HTML syntax highlight. It supports tag auto-closing and the autocomplete for inline styles, which makes the process of Magento 2 adding CSS to email template user-friendly. Please note that you are able to apply custom design to all Magento 2 email templates.

Save your time when managing email templates.

Our module gives you full control over all email templates. It comes with the well-arranged Email templates grid. Getting quick access to the required email template, you save a lot of time for other important tasks.

In order to add a new custom email template, you have just to click on the Add New Template button in the grid. Here's where the easy process of creating your wonderful email template starts. Customize it with your own right marketing words. A bit of creativity and you receive one more opportunity to increase customer involvement with the email template alone.

Good stuff is when you have the opportunity to see how the email templates look like before sending them out. The Email Templates extension includes the improved preview feature. Your newly created template will be opened in the new popup. In contrast to the default Magento 2 email template, our custom template uses some random data from your store. You are welcome to easily change the design or edit email text and send it to recipients then.

Let’s take everything into account.

Transactional emails are a good way to increase customer engagement. Creating of Magento custom email template is much easier with the new Email Templates module. It's obvious that you've got the tools to create the send the email that converts.

Well, we think we established that by now.

But at present, we are also interested in extra features. What else would you like to see in our extension? New templates out-of-the-box? Ready to use the list of pre-designed headers, footers and content blocks? Different themes for templates? Responsive design?

Please share your thoughts in the comments. We appreciate your feedback.

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