Get pdf templates complete with new M2 PDF invoices module

Get pdf templates complete with new M2 PDF invoices module.

Did someone say new module? This is often a fact, at least at the SwissUpLabs site. We like to share our good news with you. Today we have in mind the new Magento 2 PDF invoices extension.

Are your store documents PDF ready? In theory, using PDF invoices, shipment, or credit memo to your customers is a good idea because PDF docs are displayed well, in the same way, no matter which devices they are viewed on.

But where to begin? Read the blog article to discover more.

Magento 2 invoice pdf template

When it comes to the default Magento methods to generate PDF files, we admit it is not an easy task. You have to be well-versed in technical details in order to override files, add custom variables, etc. In addition, we don't see the Magento option to edit PDFs.

That’s why we’ve come up with a solution that makes PDFs easy to create, read and use in your Magento 2 store.

Magento 2 pdf invoice extension

So, our developers found a new way of helping you to represent your documents in PDF style. New Magento 2 PDF invoice extension gives you an opportunity to control the total look of PDF file as well as makes it easy to print.

See the main features of the extension:

  • Allows you to download created PDF documents from Invoice, Order, Shipment and Credit Memo grids and forms

  • Enables creating a new invoice template directly in admin
  • Provides vast design possibilities with the support of HTML and CSS
  • Includes user-friendly interface to help you preview the chosen template
  • Enables adding download PDF link to the sales emails

  • Allows adding the same variables available in email templates

And what the extension means for your customers:

  • Allows users to print PDF from their account order view page
  • Allows your guest customers to print PDF from Orders and Returns page
  • Provides customers with eye-catching templates layouts
  • Allows users to get the order notification email with the order PDF
  • Helps customers to easily open and review the attached documents both on desktop and mobile devices

M2 PDF invoice extension works well with Magento 2.3. In case you need to use the module with Magento 2.2, please apply the changes.

Hope you got to be motivated to benefit from our PDF Magento extension. Start using it today to get pdf templates complete for your customers.

Would you be interested in any else features for the new module? Drop us a line.

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