See why it is beneficial to use Magento 2 Full Page Cache Warmer extension. New module rocks!

See why it is beneficial to use Magento 2 Full Page Cache Warmer extension. New module rocks!

We know how you might feel, but even in light of changing times, let's do what we can actually do. We can stop coronavirus spreading by taking precautionary measures. We can pay more attention to our families. And the time and importance can be given to the development of your e-commerce business, too.

Then let's discuss a new module for your website. We released Magento 2 Full Page Cache Warmer extension.

How does it work? How will it help your store? See the answers below in the article.

Having a fast-performing website for every single visitor

After the page cached for the initial customer visit to a store page, every next updated content will be shown for him faster. It will be loaded from the cache. That's the point of default Magento cache.

What's about first-time user browse experience? Since Magento saves a lot of loaded data, the pages open slower for visitors viewing your website for the first time. Every second that passes is bad for user experience. It can basically lead to abandoning the page and low conversion rate.

So, how how to make it open immediately even for the first-time visitor?

Cache preload or cache warming. It is about preparing the cache for visitors to deliver the page content on time.

This is how our new module works.

Crawling most popular store pages with Full Page Cache Warmer

Our Magento 2 cache warmer extension uses the special custom index to generate a list of pages, and then serve them to users as quickly as possible. The module crawls the most popular pages of your store to warm their cache. That way it makes them load faster.

The Full Page Cache Warmer extension works with:

  • Product pages
  • Catalog pages
  • CMS pages

This fully automated cache warming process can positively impact future page loads. The module provides you with a cache warmer developer toolbar at the frontend. So you can ensure every single page's opened in the page cache.

Some other features of the module:

  • Independent cron settings. Use it to schedule a warmer job.
  • Ability to use the cron expression to delete the cache warmer logs - old data with already warmed URLs.
  • Warmer log and performance statistics. Check it to track cache warmer progress.


Well, in case you are really interested in a fast optimized page for every single client, our module is right for you.

With the Full Page Cache Warmer you move towards resolving possible cache updating issues. So whether it is the initial customer visit or the repeated ones, all your clients will always see the content faster.

It is important for every eCommerce business. Website speed matters. User experience matters. Do you agree?

We encourage you to post comments. It is gonna help us enrich our module with new features if required.

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