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M2 Email templates

Version 1.1.2 Release notes

How to provide customers with a customized email template in Magento 2? What should the transactional emails be to get a higher open rate and engagement? How to apply a custom design to all emails?

Email Templates module follows these and other requirements within the Magento 2 email templates availability. The extension is about adding custom CSS to the email template. This will help you to create an appealing message for emails about signup, confirmation email, check out, shipping notifications.

Magento 2 Email Templates extension delivers a better experience in template editing. See other benefits of the module:

  • 5 custom designs for email templates
  • Template edit form with included HTML and CSS syntax highlight
  • Improved email template preview functionality
  • Ability to add custom CSS for all old and new email templates
  • A simple way to insert product images to ordered items list in the email
  • Ability to change the design of specific email templates
  • Ability to include social media links in the emails
  • Easy way to apply a custom design to all emails
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