How to build a great store with the Argento Home theme. Check the new design and make it yours!

How to build a great store with the Argento Home theme. Check the new design and make it yours!

What does make people feel like home? A home is any place where you are comfortable. A home is where you're very handy with everything you need. It's beautiful to look at.

We do feel the same thing with the Argento Home theme. The new fantastic design of Magento 2 template is a must to showcase home decor, furnishing, and furniture. The new design is the right marketing strategy to build a great site selling each and every item online.

Our talented design team has created the Argento Home theme to help you generate excitement for your products. The cool color scheme, new functionality, new features to make your life easier with Magento 2 store. Let's see how it's looking right now.  

Create a calm and welcoming effect on visitors

Argento Home makes you feel at a cozy home at first glance. We decided to use a pastel color palette to soothe and relax the visitors. We organized all elements in minimal layout to help users get pleasurable viewing experience but still focus on products only.

The highlight of design is warm colors, forms, switchers pleasing to the eye. You will see shadows and blurs that are attractive and useful when it comes to the aesthetics of a website. Our team applied creative approaches to the design of buttons, menus, filters, and so much more.

Argento Home vision suits best for your business in case you want your customers to feel comfortable with shopping.

Provide customers with engaging homepage

When it comes to illustrating furniture, you need to go big. We mean you need to show big pictures. Thus right on the homepage, Argento Home welcomes visitors with a banner image.

We’d like to pay your attention to the new advantage of the Argento Home theme.

Custom-design header

Now you can change the header layout right in the backend via the included Header Builder. You can replace the static header with a fully customizable one. This possibility is one of those that help you build a great store due to your personal requirements.


Okay, we'll move on. Then the visually appealing categories blocks are shown as a carousel. The block contains images that attract customers to move forward to the appropriate catalog page.

To let users learn more about your store collections, Argento Home features the best selling, new products, and special offers right on the homepage. Visitors can switch between tabs to explore. 

Logos slider is what definitely helps you create a better brand experience for your customers.

And right here we’d like to mention our new feature for all Argento themes.

Elements Page

For the first time with Argento Home, you get a fantastic opportunity. We added the new Elements Page. It includes pre-designed widgets and HTML blocks such as:

  • Text Blocks with Big/Small Icons
  • Block with Image on Left
  • Block with Image on Right
  • Divider with Background and Title
  • Text Blocks with Small Icons
  • Text Blocks with Big Icons
  • Text Blocks with Icons on Top
  • Blocks with Person Bio
  • Pricing Block
  • Image Gallery
  • Latest News
  • Testimonials

It allows you to use these blocks to simplify building your great stores. We want to make life easier for site owners. To help them manage Magento 2 stores faster and more conveniently.

We are gonna add the Elements Page to all Argento designs soon. Stay tuned.

Keep selling on the category page

Expanding filters

The Argento Home comes with a cool option in the top horizontal filtering. The feature is a must-have for stores with a big number of shopping options. When there is not enough space to fit on a single row, the feature helps to move other shopping options into a separate dropdown.

The new design category page allows users to click dots to expand the entire list of options.

The customers will see it in drop down. Then it will be easier to apply the required filters and buy what's needed.    

The new friendly Contact Us block

And, as you may have noticed, we've added an awesome Contact Us block on the category page. It directs the user with links to different contact information. So the customers don't have to search for the block somewhere else. You can see that we improved the block with nice illustrative icons. The more friendly it appears the happier the user is to interact.

Category header with image

The addition of visual cues always guides the user’s eye. In the Argento Home design, you can use categories' featured images, or any other image for category page header. It helps you to highlight an exceptional item or keep the page timely and relevant due to a Christmas season, for instance.

In the Argento Home theme, the top part of the category page has a different look when you assign the image to the category. Let us explain the difference.

By default you can see the category title above all content in the main column. Then when the category has an image, it will be shown right after header and before breadcrumbs. In that case we show the category title over category image.

Build a great product page in your store

The Argento Home product page has minimal and clean design that showcases the product in the best way. From the very beginning it brings the perfect visual perception. Mild colors, smooth lines, nice fonts and icons.

The Argento Home design on every product page takes clients through product details, product question block, related and frequently bought together block. The page follows the best UX practices of Magento 2 themes to help you encourage customers to click through and add the products to the shopping cart.

Moreover, there are more different features and variations you can choose when building a product page. The Home theme as well as other Argento designs allow you to use the Product Page builder. It simplifies the process of building a product page. You can do unlimited modifications directly in the template admin.

Set up a blog for your store

When creating a branded experience, the blog is one of the smartest ways. With Argento Home theme we deliver the updated and enhanced design for FishPig WordPress extension. It significantly improves your blog look. Good news is that we updated a blog page for every single Argento design.


Finally, it may be concluded

In the end, we conclude that there exists one more excellent design in the wide range of themes represented by Argento. The Home theme is different, creative, appealing and up-to-date.

Our design team created the Argento Home to help you increase sales and broaden your market base. We see it as perfect to build an online presence for the furniture business. Even so whatever you sell, the Argento Home will make your shoppers engaged.

Did you like the new design? Share your impressions in comments! We are happy to hear your opinions and suggestions.

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