Introducing a new Knowledge Base module for Magento 2. Let's reduce the workload on your support team.

Introducing a new Knowledge Base module for Magento 2. Let's reduce the workload on your support team.

It is normal when customers have a question about a product or your store service. Your task is to help them get instant answers to possible questions.

Having a knowledge base gives your website the ability to minimize support workload. With the knowledge base solution, you deliver a big amount of required information. With well-structured FAQ pages, you streamline the process of providing answers to most common questions.

So how to organize the knowledge base well and improve the usability? Introducing a new knowledge base extension that can help your Magento 2 website in different ways.

Key points of efficient Knowledge Base

We believe a good knowledge base should be easy to access. It should have a fast search to get relevant results. It should provide visitors with a clean and well-organized structure. The FAQ pages should be optimized with SEO techniques to rank well.

As far as your KB follows these requirements, your store would benefit from the next:

  • Your customers easily access all possible information about your service and products.
  • Your customers quickly find the answers to their inquiries. The KB saves users time and hence improves the customer experience in your store.
  • SEO optimized pages boost the visibility of your website.
  • The availability of Knowledge Base functionality in your store saves time so valuable for resolving urgent support tasks.
  • By decreasing customer support requests, there is less workload on your helpdesk team.

Here’s the new M2 Knowledge Base module

We are happy to help our clients with knowledge base functionality. Introducing a new Magento 2 Knowledge Base extension.

It aims to help you build a useful FAQ interface. This simple solution is gonna deliver so many good results for your store.

Let’s consider the features in brief:

  • Plain structure to organize categories/articles in a well-looking way

  • The flexibility of category/article management via easy to use module's settings.
  • Fast and user-friendly search on FAQ pages.
  • Supports adding unlimited FAQ categories and articles.
  • Allows assigning many meta tags for KB categories and articles.

  • Ability to select the store where the FAQ will be active.

To see more about the M2 Knowledge Base functionality, please visit the module page.

Well, it's time to try the new M2 Knowledge Base module. Both customers and admin users would appreciate it.

With an optimized knowledge base, your site will get higher ranks by customers and search engines.

There is nothing more to tell you right now. You know how helpful the Knowledge Base it is. We only ask you to share your experience of using our extension. Your feedback is always valuable.

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