New M2 module and 50+ changes in extensions. Get benefits from all the updates made in April 2018.

New M2 module and 50+ changes in extensions. Get benefits from all the updates made in April 2018.

Did you miss fresh updates for our Magento and Magento 2 extensions? Ready for the new module that is must-have for everyone who values the webpage usability as well as customer experience?

Well, then we’ll start with that last changes made in April 2018. We promise it will be the very informative post. Continue to read.

So about new module for Magento 2

We are not going to enumerate the causes why you need to collect extra information from the clients registering for your Magento 2 site. You know that, right?

The following extension demonstrates how to add the custom field in Magento 2 registration form. Via new Customer Fields Manager module, you can show the numerous custom fields when the user signs up.

Look what else the module offers:

  • Ability to add custom registration fields for Magento 2 customer account edit page.
  • Ability to edit a sort order, status, default values and labels for each custom field.
  • Ability to manage customer fields on edit customer form in the backend.
  • Six input types such as Text Field, Text Area, Date, Yes/No, Multiple Select, Dropdown.

Now you have a Magento 2 solution to improve not only a registration process in your store but also to enhance your store marketing.

What else new in Magento 2 modules

Last month we worked hard to help FireCheckout module become the leader in a range of the best Magento 2 one step checkout modules. The important updates we have described In the mood of FireCheckout 1.10.0 post. And the article is truly something to be seen.

Ajax Layered Navigation 1.2.1 release includes equally important improvements:

  • Improve tooltip CSS styles
  • New price slider modern skin
  • Improved price slider logic (from-to, min-max)
  • Added MGS theme integration
  • Change rating attribute input type (hidden=>multiselect)

Product Questions 1.2.14 comes with a few technical changes to submit question form on a storefront. Major one - removed CSS class .primary from Submit button.

Rich Snippets 1.1.1 fixes and improvements are:

  • Move extension config to ‚ÄėSwissup SEO‚Äô section.
  • Respect store level values of extension configuration.

Product Labels 1.0.22 includes the following changes:

  • Optimize labels rendering on storefront.
  • Fixed invalid discount values calculation for non-base currencies.
  • Fixed warning illegal offset during CLI reindex.

Product Tabs 1.3 release comes with added expanded tabs layout. You can also see a fix tab's assigned stores output in grid in Magento Admin.

Testimonials 1.0.10 brings the minor "Submit testimonial" form improvement to avoid conflict with Magento CSS on storefront.

Highlight 1.2.1 includes many fixes useful to improve the existing module:

  • Fixed PHP error when using pagination in ajax carousel.
  • Fixed possible error during indexer: reindex command.
  • Fixed possible non-SEO product links.
  • Small CSS fixes.

Address Field Manager 1.3.0 fixes are:

  • Fixed not working state/region sort order.
  • Fixed infinite address review redraw in Magento 2.1.
  • Fixed custom fields styles on address edit page on the frontend.

Checkout Success 1.1.3 release has got new variable added into Miscellaneous scripts: {{orderItems}}. Read docs for more information.

Order Attachments 1.1.1 release brings fixed not working upload functionality on slow internet connections.

Now these are updates for Magento

Easy Color Swatches 2.1.5 includes many improvements such as:

  • Improved Lightbox Pro¬†compatibility.
  • Improved Prozoom¬†compatibility.
  • The getOptions return null issue was fixed.
  • Fixed image change on a category page.
  • Added possibility to set images width and height separately at a category page.
  • Fixed sort order in config and menu.
  • MEQP and code duplication fixes.

SMTP Email 1.1.10 release has got added sent emails grid and added a possibility to set transport for every store email.

Abandoned Cart 1.2.6 updates are:

  • Add custom quote address attribute.
  • Add export history and rules to CSV and XML.
  • Add leave page functionality.

You know we don't sit around waiting for profits only. The list of module updates made in April is proof of that.

However, we are always waiting for feedback. Please comment if you have any idea how to improve the tools for running your e-commerce website.

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