In the mood of FireCheckout 1.10.0 release. Customer Field Manager module, field mask feature and other cool changes.

In the mood of FireCheckout 1.10.0 release. Customer Field Manager module, field mask feature and other cool changes.

Have you been waiting for mood boosters? Here's new FireCheckout release. We believe you tend to take notice when news about the best Magento 2 checkout module is going.

Have a look at absolutely new module included in FireCheckout, the improvements for mobile users checkout experience and field mask feature.

Must-have new built-in module

Firecheckout 1.10.0 release brings new Customer Field Manager extension. This is great Magento 2 module a must-have for improved customer experience.

See what is about:

  • It enables creating the unlimited number of custom fields.
  • The custom fields will be shown both on the registration page and customer account edit page.
  • 6 different field input types are available.

Moreover, the module comes with the flexible interface that allows managing the custom fields in the admin panel with ease. Thereby you can change field status, sort order, as well as edit the default values and labels for each custom field.

Field Mask component

When it comes to checkout page usability, the field mask component is a very important feature. The component is focused on creating a fantastic user experience.

Let's see more:

  • The feature helps customers to input the phone number or a credit card data easier. Now users don't have to input parentheses, dashes or spaces anymore.
  • The feature prevents entering bad characters, pasting or deleting. Either typos or errors could lead to the page abandonment.  

The FireCheckout allows creating the custom.js file in your active theme. The module uses Text Mask library to create field masks.

Mobile styles improvements

Advanced mobile styles are the essential part to make your store's checkout page the optimal in the UX. That's why FireCheckout module keeps been improved in mobile styles.

See what 1.10.0 release brings:

  • Added more consistency to checkout styles.
  • Order review section is now visible on the phones, too.
  • Step numbers added to mobile styles.
  • Modal popup styles improved (Sign in form, Agreements popup).

Updates in modules of FireCheckout package

As you know the FireCheckout includes 11 modules that make the FireCheckout the most streamlined Magento 2 one step checkout extension.

The new release comes with the following changes:

When it comes to third-party modules, you can see that ClassyLlama_AvaTax address verification was seamlessly integrated into expanded layout modes.

Other major updates

  • Three fields in a row in the address form when parent container is wide enough.
  • More third-party themes compatibility. Had to increase the weight of CSS selectors with ID attribute to beat a bunch of Templates-Monster themes.
  • [dev] Xrayquire debugger added to quickly find out buggy modules that cause not working checkout page.

Nice to see FireCheckout module is as excellent as ever. Progress does not stand still and our extension constantly gets new enhancements.

In case you have more ideas, we are open to new proposals. Stay tuned.

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