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M2 Ajax Layered Navigation

Version 1.3.60 Release notes

Are you running a big store with multiple catalogs of products? Looking for a solution to improve a customer experience in your store? Welcome to check a layered navigation Magento 2 approach.

When you sell products with a lot of attributes, a layered navigation is a highly important element in overall store usability. By showing the product and attribute filters on site pages, you help visitors to find the desired product much faster. Magento 2 Ajax Layered Navigation extension is going to be the must-have tool to show the layered navigation block on the product, category and CMS pages.

Generally, our module will help you to:

  • Add a layered navigation with filterable attributes on your store pages.
  • Apply multiple attributes to the same filter.
  • Show price attribute slider.
  • Let users filter New, On Sale and Stock, products
  • Show a Rating filter
  • Enter the option name in search line directly in the layered navigation block
  • Improve site's navigation structure.
  • Simplify a searching process in a store.

Ajax Layered Navigation demo sites:

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