New GDPR module as a part of Argento is available both for Magento and Magento 2

New GDPR module as a part of Argento is available both for Magento and Magento 2

The recent EU general data protection regulation (GDPR) came into effect on May 25, 2018. The GDPR covers the requirements to the key policy and data protection. This law helps citizens of the European Union to monitor their personal data. Thus, just as we work with EU citizens, we definitely comply with these requirements.

Today we are pleased to inform you that the release of GDPR module is complete.

Argento theme is the one who got lucky. Now the template includes new module. Just...keep reading.

Important: GDPR requirements

So, in case a company is selling into the European Union, it should apply new GDPR rules. See the key requirements, in a nutshell:

  • The company should clearly state the purpose for which you collect and process the data.
  • The company can not collect more than it is needed.
  • Inaccurate personal data of users must be deleted or corrected at the user's request.
  • The data should be stored no longer than is required for processing purposes.
  • The company should ensure the protection and confidentiality of data from unauthorized processing, damage or disposal.
  • All methods and purposes of collecting and processing personal data must be clearly stated in the privacy policy of a company.

Read the post to know more about GDPR goals.

How to implement GDPR for Magento online stores

Considering the new rules, Magento helps merchants comply with GDPR. Thus you can use the modules and templates that provide GDPR compliance inside Magento or Magento 2.

So we will say that there is a need for you to update your website pages with the GDPR compliant information. We expect you to understand that it will help you to make your store trustworthy and avoid the risk of losing customers and partners.

Today we are happy to announce the best Magento theme ever, namely Argento theme includes new GDPR module.  

How does Argento help you comply with the GDPR?

Since Argento 1.10.0 release for Magento and Argento 1.4 release for Magento 2, the template provides GDPR module.  

This module allows:

  • adding a checkbox to the pop-ups where the users enter their personal information. This way you ask user for consent.

  • providing customers with opportunity to delete the account. The “Privacy Tools” page is in user’s account navigation panel. There the customers could see view a list of given consents and request the account removal.

Among other features you can see:

  • Configurable checkboxes for opt-in consent
  • Ability to show GDPR forms on Contact Us page, registration page, at newsletter subscription and on the product reviews page.  
  • Request processing automation
  • Easily extendable by third-party modules.

See more information about Argento Magento 1 GDPR module and Argento Magento 2 GDPR module.

The features mentioned above are important for websites which store a sensitive user information. Providing a proper understanding about that users are free to make their own decisions, you will avoid users feeling frustrated. Plus, helping your website meet GDPR requirements, you build up trust in your company. That's important, isn't it?

Let's get the most out of Argento releases

And this is of course not the end of it. We continue to update the GDPR module.

We could use your help here.

Meanwhile, there are much more improvements in Argento release.

Argento 1.4


The module is about maintaining metadata of products and categories. It will help you to automatically generate meta titles, meta descriptions and meta keywords by using the product and category attributes. We recommend you to read more about how to get the most of using metadata.

  • Fixed not working “Add to Cart” button on Stripes theme when Color Swatches are used on the product page.
  • Fixed toolbar position on non-anchor 1-column page in Stripes theme.
  • CSS fixes for RTL languages.
  • Small CSS fixes.

Argento modules changes:

Product Questions

  • Magento 2.2.4 compatibility in email templates
  • Added client-side form validators

Attributes and Brands Pages.

  • Fixed error when page identifier is entered in invalid registry.



  • Added predefined smtp providers settings
  • Fixed Magento 2.2.4 compatibility

Sold Together

  • Added new config option that allows to disable ‘Create relations on order save’.

Navigation Pro

  • Allow to use absolute links in menu items
  • Nowrap feature added
  • Improved dropdown positioning
  • Small fixes and improvements

Argento 1.10.0

  • Fix duplicated H1 element in header of Luxury theme.
  • Luxury theme supports Font Awesome icons.
  • RTL support for Flat theme.
  • Improved compatibility with Magento 1.7.x.
  • Minor CSS improvements.
  • Improved source code of included modules (use of unified image uploader from TM Core in admin interfaces).

Argento modules changes:

Attributes and Brands Pages:

  • Fixed error when page identifier is entered in invalid registry.

Hover Gallery

  • Integration with ManaDev Layered Navigation.

Navigation Pro:

  • New awesome Nowrap feature. It always keeps top level menu items in a single row. The feature supports responsive design.

SEO Suite:

  • Metadata Templates: improved attribute directive output for numeric attributes (truncate trailing zeros in decimal part).

Sold Together:

  • Fix ‘product ID already exists’ error on a checkout success page.
  • Respect “Reindex… via Cron” config options. A cron process ignored the config settings in the previous versions.

In a summary

How many is already done. How much more there is to do. Argento's making progress, but we need your help.

What else do you want to make your Magento/Magento 2 website compatible with GDPR rules? We mean some other GDPR-friendly forms or something. What else should get Argento theme to meet the needs of your e-commerce store?

We value your opinions highly and rely on your comments and suggestions to help make our templates and modules the best that they can be.

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