Magento and GDPR - what you have to know

Magento and GDPR - what you have to know

The intent for our post today is to provide a clear vision of the various requirements specified in the European Union’s Global Data Protection Regulations. The GDPR is about making customer data secure. The General Data Protection Regulation rules take off on May 25, 2018. We keep preparing our products for GDPR compliance.

Keep reading to learn more about the compliance features of the GDPR. You have to know all our websites, operating in the EU, provide clear privacy information and protected personal data.

We guarantee that under the GDPR, we have a lawful basis for all processing and storage of personal data. Let's see what GDPR covers.

What is GDPR

The main goal of GDPR is to protect privacy and prevent data breaches. We think you would agree that it is highly important at a time of increasing cyber-security concerns. The General Data Protection Regulation rules apply to the website that:

  • deals with personal information of EU users.
  • offers goods or services to EU citizens.
  • processes financial transactions or monitors EU customers activities.

What GDPR requires

The General Data Protection Regulation is about processing personal data in transparent, concise, intelligible, and free of charge way. Some of the main requirements are:

  • Consent. It allows to collect personal data if users consents.
  • Making data anonymous to protect privacy.
  • Breach notification that must be made to customers within 72 hours when first you become aware of the breach.
  • The privacy requirements by design.
  • Right to Access, Right to Be Forgotten and Data Portability.

We ensure all our websites are compliant to these key privacy and data protection requirements.

Magento modules and GDPR compliance

When it comes to Magento, it has implemented several initiatives across sales,

marketing, operations and product to help merchants be ready to GDPR requirements.

Learn more about the Magento compliance to the recent General Data Protection Regulation. That is why many store owners are still working for more features added to Magento default UI in order to be ready for GDPR.

Magento tools to make your site GDPR compatible

For now our team is working on the module that will improve Magento 1 and Magento 2 GDPR compatibility. The module will be available for Argento and FireCheckout users as well as for all SwissUpLabs subscribers.

The module will be available within 3-4 weeks.

We are also glad to announce that we have updated our privacy policy according GDPR rules for the following websites:

We provide transparent and intelligible Privacy Policy in compliance to GDPR requirements.

We believe the GDPR regulation is the good step in ensuring transparency in handling of data. In case you have any thoughts or questions about compatibility Magento/ Magento 2 products and EU General Data Protection Regulation, please comment.

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