See monthly updates for Magento 2 modules & themes made in January 2021

See monthly updates for Magento 2 modules & themes made in January 2021.

Below is the content you know. We keep informing you about Magento 2 module/theme improvements for every month. So you can update our software regularly.

That will keep your website modern - streamlined with features important for good user experience. Read our monthly report to know what functionality we added in January 2020.

Updates for Magento 2 themes

We released Argento 1.22.1 to make a great template into a great design.

  • We added new styles to the Argento Force theme.
  • We updated styles for Ajax Pro floating cart and Ajax Search field. Now the Ajax Pro floating cart styles use theme colors.
  • We improved styles for sticky to cart when including/excluding tax price enabled.

When it comes to one more great design, we have some questions for you. What new design would you like to see in the Argento package?

In one of the recent articles, we have shown 4 new design styles. We picked up some popular brand sites with beautiful design trends. Read an article describing the benefits of Marketplace, Modern, Minimalistic and Black designs.

There you will see a little poll. Welcome to participate. We appreciate your opinion.

And furthermore, Argento 1.22.1 release has the following updates:

  • Improved critical CSS in Stripes design.
  • Added Elements page to Argento Force design. There you will see many examples to use when creating nice content for your store.
  • Added updates to 17 Magento 2 modules from the Argento package.

Visit the Argento Updates page to see more details.

In January we improved our Magento 2 Free theme leader. The Absolute 1.3.7 version has got fixes and improvements. And we updated a preview image to match theme-editor styles.

Updates for Magento 2 modules

Let us start up with the Magento 2 Page Builder extension. Since the 1.1.0 release, you can add new content (Widgets) to Magento 2 CMS page and CMS blocks. Generally, the module is a must in case you want to add, edit, delete the page elements through a single visual live interface. See why you have to use it on your website.

Updates for FireCheckout set of modules

The latest versions of the FireCheckout module added improvements and fixes to 5 Firecheckout modules. Here is a short list of updates:

  • Added missing translation ‚ÄėI Agree‚Äô.
  • Ability to restrict order attachment for specific customer groups.

Tax VAT 1.4.1 

  • Validate tax vat when saving address.
  • Ability to deny the completion of multi shipping registration with empty tax vat if not allowed.

Delivery date 1.5.8, 1.6.0

  • Added ability to calculate delivery date offset since the first business day after the order was placed.
  • Delivery date validation improvements.

Checkout fields 1.5.1

  • Added ability to specify a notice, tooltip, and placeholder for the field.
  • Filled field values now saved between page reload.

Checkout success 1.4.8

  • Get a parent grouped product image if its child is empty at the ordered items grid at the success order page.
  • Fixed compatibility with Magento 2.4.1.

Such modules as Address autocomplete 1.4.2, Geoip 1.5.1, Order attachment 1.4.10 have the following improvements:

  • Checkout modules dropdown is now over module config at System Configuration.
  • Converted section ‚ÄúSwissup Checkout‚ÄĚ into item ‚ÄúCheckout‚ÄĚ under section ‚ÄúSwissup‚ÄĚ on System Config page.

SEO Suite 1.10

The¬†release has some fixes. We also moved the section ‚ÄúSwissup SEO Suite‚ÄĚ under section ‚ÄúSwissup‚ÄĚ. Now you have config item ‚ÄúSEO Suite‚ÄĚ under ‚ÄúSwissup‚ÄĚ at System Configuration in Magento Admin.

Rich snippets 1.4.12

  • SEO Suite modules dropdown is now over module config at System Configuration.
  • Converted section ‚ÄúSwissup SEO Suite‚ÄĚ into item ‚ÄúSEO Suite‚ÄĚ under section ‚ÄúSwissup‚ÄĚ at System Config page.

GDPR 1.3.18, 1.4.0

With the latest 1.4.0 version, we introduce the Cookie Wall feature. It means that now can enable or disable cookie walls mode to deny users access unless they consent to all cookies. Then the customer will see a banner with a detailed explanation of your website cookies. It will also tell the user about necessary giving consent before using your site.

In addition, we updated integration with our Page Builder module.

In the following modules, we also updated integration with our Page Builder module:

Easy slide 1.6.9, Easy banner 1.6.1, Navigation Pro 1.15.1.

Ajax Search 1.11.0, 1.11.1

  • Added use graphql config option.
  • Load categories by graphql request; add config option.
  • Move graphqlize logic to standalone js file.
  • Added config option for categories filter depth.
  • Added ‚Äúloader‚ÄĚ in MOBILE view when entering search phrase.

Attributes pages 1.3.4-1.3.5 give you the opportunity to add attribute pages to SEO HTML Sitemap.

Highlight 1.7.4 gives you the opportunity to add highlight pages to SEO HTML Sitemap.

Helpdesk 1.2.14

  • Added short messages about status, department, priority, etc.

We updated the following Magento 2 extensions with fixes and minor optimizations: Ajax Pro 1.5.16, Easy catalog images 1.4.13, Ajax layered navigation 1.3.32, Prolabels 1.5.17, Easy tabs 1.9.6.

Updates for Magento 1 modules

In January we added changes to status and priority fields for Helpdesk 1.7.18 version.

Well, summarising the mentioned above updates, we state you've got many more chances to improve your Magento 2 store. Every time we recommend upgrading your modules and themes to the latest version. In such a case you offer the best user experience on your website.

Happy visitors always come back. If you still need any other improvement, please make sure you included suggestions in your comments.

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