4 new design styles that will match your brand vision. Which one to try for the Argento theme?

4 new design styles that will match your brand vision. Which one to try for the Argento theme?

Thanks for staying in touch with us. We're just glad you all are okay. Well, what topic do you think we will focus on today?

New design for Argento theme. Over the past few years, we've been releasing a wide range of designs for our leading template. And we still like to create the new one to ensure you receive the most fashionable theme that matches your brand and vision.

Well, before we conduct a little survey, let us share with you some website design trends 2021. So you will review and ask us anything!

7 reasons why we love Argento

Argento template is a mix of very nice designs and advanced functionality. Our clients highlight the template for:

  • A variety of starting points for building a store.
  • 8 perfect designs versatile for their purposes.
  • 24 Magento 2 modules in the package.
  • The fastest loading theme.
  • Optimized for high rankings.
  • Included options for getting an AMP website.
  • A broad range of flexible customizations.

This all makes Argento an effective ecommerce theme. To help you produce an effect in future, we keep updating our template with new features. And for now we have plans for the new design.

New design styles for inspiration

We offer to look at some styles that can match your business type. All of them share the same goal - to keep customers engaged.

Let us show you some top brands' sites that use unusual but awesome templates. We guess you are familiar with most of them.

You will see the elements the companies have chosen to reflect their brand identity. So you can benefit from the experience. You can choose the idea that matches the look and feel of your current website.

Marketplace design

Let us mention here the design for stores with many catalogs and products. This is the kind of template where you have to:

  • Show as many available categories and subcategories as it’s possible right on the homepage.
  • Enable top-notch search function and navigation through the website.
  • Save so valuable screen space using icons.

The following stores are excellent samples of the Marketplace design: AliExpress, Flipkart, Mercado Livre Brazil, Mercari, Carrefour, Best Buy, Tesco, Decathlon.

You can check each of them and tell us what part you liked the most.

Dark design

The next design we offer to consider has its fans around the globe. Black website design. Dark theme. You got the meaning.

The dark theme is one of the hottest trends. Dark design is friendly to users' eyes. It is great in terms of accessibility for people with visual impairments or migraines. Plus black sites are a kind of special mood.

Some top companies already know that customers want dark mode. Follow the websites to decide whether you like such a design or not.

Lamborghini, Wizarding World, Apple, Doran, Jack Daniels.


Now let us mention the minimalist design. We believe it never goes out of style.

With the design, it is easier to:

  • focus on content due to the simplicity of the interface and unnecessary elements stripped away.
  • highlight key information by adding contrast.
  • use a limited set of colors and bold typography to draw attention to the main message.

Here are a few of the top eCommerce sites which apply the essentials of minimalist design. You want to get these for your store, perhaps.

McKennaJones, Nike, Hermes, A Perfect Plate, Duft & Co Bakehouse.

Modern design

The following site designs include various styles: creative, unique, flat. We were thinking of calling it something like the Modern. Something that moves us into the future.

We have picked up some impressive websites to show you as a sample. It looks like the sites guide customers into a better user experience flow via the design itself.

Decibullz, Stripe, Crossrope, Skullcandy.

We'd like you to pay attention to:

  • a range of colors in a contemporary style
  • animated icons
  • complementary colors that go so well together
  • great readability
  • contrasting shades, which create an eye-catching effect

Other styles?

New designs, new styles?

Now that you’ve reviewed the designs, it's time to ask you: "What does the suggested design style match your brand vision? "

Has something caught your eye? Have you noticed the elements which would help your site provide what the user wants?

In this regard, we have some questions. Could you tell us what you expect from the next brand new Argento design?

What would you like to receive in our Magento 2 theme to make it more powerful for your store?

New pages, new sections? Animations? Motion graphics? A split-screen layout?

Any specific colors and other design styles that appeal to you?

We do hope you share our desire to create the new professional template for your Magento 2 store. And as you know, your feedback will help us to offer you a new template that matches your vision.

Make us happy with your opinions. Please post comments!

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