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M2 Vat number validation

Version 1.4.1 Release notes

When you are dealing with a customer for the first time, you might be interested in some details you can trust. One of the ways to check the visitor's validity is to allow verifying a TAX VAT number. When you are doing business with consumers from the European Union, you have to include VAT number validation to your website surely. Taking into account that this service makes tax exempt for your EU customers in the future, it would be one more bonus for the customers in your store.

Therefore we developed a tax vat extension for you. Magento 2 Checkout VAT module allows setting the VAT checker on a website checkout page. This will let user check whether his VAT number is valid.

The module will help you to:

  • allow users to determine VAT status during the checkout process
  • help customer ensure whether his TAX VAT number has been activated for intra-EU transactions
  • validate VAT number using VIES service with monthly updated database
  • check the validity of VAT registration number for any business registered in the EU
  • make your website compliant with VAT regulations
  • improve EU visitors loyalty to your website.

Checkout VAT extension works perfectly with default Magento 2 checkout. It is also a part of the Magento 2 FireCheckout extension.

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