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M2 Ajax Search And Autocomplete

Version 1.12.0 Release notes

Once a customer visits a website, he starts searching. The better the search functionality you offer at your store, the faster the users will find the product they need. Ajax autocomplete feature will benefit both website usability and a site's conversion rate. It provides more user-friendly searches by the display the suggestions related to a user's search query.

Ajax Search and Autocomplete module for Magento 2 is focused on using all advantages of ajax autocomplete feature at store pages.

The extension will help you to:

  • make a search process faster and easier
  • get control over the number of items in search results
  • show the thumbnails for suggested items in a search box
  • improves customer experience in your store
  • motivate clients to purchase more
  • show the relevant CMS pages in suggestions

Extension demo:

Ajax Search And Autocomplete demo is available at our demo server.

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