Planning progress through the Argento new features. Need everyone's involvement

Planning progress through the Argento new features. Need everyone’s involvement.

New year is coming, and Christmas movies get you into the holiday spirit. But...we were you think how many times we updated our lovely Argento theme? We counted more than 10 posts with news in the last six months.

It means the template just gets better and better. Meanwhile, we'd like an additional challenge. Even as Argento delivers outstanding results, it should meet the demands of a rapidly evolving marketplace. And here we need your help.

Today let's consider what Argento already gained as well as what is expected. So please, join the discussion. Tell us what new features we should implement in a new year.  

All the latest news about best Magento theme

Above all things, the template is passionate about the best possible user experience. Having focused on engaging customers, we continue implementing modern UX and UI practices.

See what they were.

New Argento design

All are aware that the website design highly affects usability, customer satisfaction and total conversion rate. Having focused on user experience maximization concept, we designed new Argento theme - the Stripes.

Stripes is about consumer engagement in the electronic online market. Nevertheless, you can also use the template in stores selling machinery and transport equipment, building materials, corporate branded products. Argento is, after all, a multipurpose Magento 2 theme.

Argento SEO optimization

Just in the past half year, Argento had SEO Suite module. So, with Argento your website got one more chance to:

  • get an increase in clicks
  • drive traffic
  • generate more revenue

Actually, SEO Suite extension is a toolkit of powerful SEO modules. In the past six months alone, the extension was enriched with Hreflang attribute and extended XML sitemap configuration. For now, within the Argento template you can use 7 modules: HTML Sitemap, Metadata Templates, Rich Snippets, SEO Pagination, SEO-friendly URLs, XML sitemap, Regional URLs.

Argento AMP support

Argento theme is perfect for mobile customers. Since 1.6 release the Argento is AMP ready template. It's all Accelerated Mobile Pages extension as a part Argento modules package.

AMP makes website load fast. Plus, it helps to engage more mobile customers in your store. Earlier, we discussed why you need to implement AMP pages for your website. Sometimes it's nice to have a reminder of what is really important for your website.

What else needs to be done

For now we implemented to Argento most essential features, techniques, etc. And we have more to add in future.

Because of that there's something we want to ask you. What else needs to be done to Argento theme? Let’s take a decision by selecting from a list of suggestions:

  • New Argento design
  • Magento page builder
  • SEO features improvement
  • Page speed improvement
  • Or you can give an idea.

In conclusion, we want to thank you so much for cooperating with us. We are waiting for the answers.

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