Website first impression matters. Argento Stripes design is a good deal!

Website first impression matters. Argento Stripes design is a good deal!

The growth of worldwide ecommerce sales is expected to be up to $4,5 trillion in 2021. Clearly, the success of e-commerce business will be about how well you adapt to the changing trends around the website look and performance.

You can see the electronics online market is one of the most profitable industries for recent years. How to keep your business be afloat much longer? The answer is to present it on customers' preferred spots - user-friendly websites.

And that’s why, we’ve been designing a template to show electronic site off. To make it in a great position both for users and store owners, we created the Stripes - Magento 2 theme for electronics store. Our choice was influenced by emerging trends in UI design, technology, and e-commerce.

Look what's come out of it.

Multipurpose Magento 2 Theme

Actually, Stripes theme is not only for selling electronic products. It offers appealing layout for selling machinery and transport equipment, building materials and corporate branded products. Stripes is a premium Magento 2 theme that makes all products appear strikingly visible. The new template has gone a long way towards addressing the main tasks in building best online shop:

  • clean up-to-date design
  • new ideas to improve usability,
  • big call to action buttons with contrasting colors
  • outstanding navigation menu for large and complex catalogs
  • ways to show product effectively.

When shopping online users should receive a seamless experience with their personal wishes. Agree? So it makes no difference between users of mobile and desktop devices visiting your sites. And thought gave us idea - create a template in Magento 2.

Based on modern responsive web design libraries, the Magento 2 is equipped with better code base. That will help store owners create incredible shopping experience on mobile devices. Furthermore, Magento 2 comes with simplified backend that allows you manage your store from mobile at any time.

Well, the usability for mobile devices is a whole other post. Follow this guide to make your website highly functional and mobile-friendly.

Stripes comes with anything you need - modern design and e-shop functions powered by 21 modules.

Let us take it in turns.

Stripes design for feelings

Cooperating with Cristiana Bardeanu has become a good tradition. The quality of work with a freelance designer from 84colors fully met expectations. Earlier the distinctive design solutions were implemented in Argento Luxury theme. Now Cristiana Bardeanu is arousing emotional engagement through vivid Stripes design.

Immediately upon arriving at Stripes, you can see a vibrant design with original and inventive solutions for product highlighting. New design, which is both simple and clean, is a nice background to emphasize key elements from the whole text. Anything in Stripes will express feelings, whether fonts, icons or hover effects and popups.

Trying to attain a neat design, we stopped on solid layout structure. It prevents a chaos in websites with rich content. Grid system provides a user-friendly experience across devices with different screen sizes. Well organized content is raising the readability level.

So much else needs to be addressed to make your content more encouraging to read. See what Argento Stripes design offers:

  • Good mobile typography.
  • Contrasting colors for emphasis the functions used on a website.
  • Enough of white space that enhances readability.

Contrasting colors

Good website color scheme is the key to success. With Stripes, your electronics store will create a high-impact online experience. Why did we stay in the range of black-on-red contrast?

According to the concept of colors, both red and black are associated with high-value, luxury and powerful websites. Stripes makes it clear that your company is a leader in selling electronics. It will be obvious at first glance.

When it comes to contrast colors, Stripes was been perfected. You can see a contrast in CTA buttons, forms, popups, and in the hover effects where the color changes to contrasting. All key elements are emphasized from the whole text. Providing additional visual cues you will help your customers better interact with your store.


The design is a communication. The human eye is drawn to elements that don't require any explanation. Easier to use - easier to communicate.

Clearly, the icons are a part of great user experience, because customers use them as a communication tool between themselves and your website interface.

Stripes icons such as wishlist icon or add to cart look are short and simple. Your customers will understand what your icons are about in a few seconds of looking at them.


When it comes to typography, it would be better to use one or maximum two typefaces to prevent the page look fragmented. Stripes design uses one typeface. Open Sans font is highly legible at both small and large sizes. It is modern and clean that brings the orderly look. Lighter typeface makes letters easier to read.

To give mobile users the right impression about your brand and products, Stripes has good mobile typography that eases user’s eye. Let's see.

  • The leading with tighten version for a mobile screen. Stripes line length is consistent with recommendations on the number of character per line. You can see the 30–40 that is good.
  • Functional typography or, in other words, big enough CTA buttons to tap on them. Stripes buttons are extremely highlighted among the other clickable elements. That helps users understand what to do next - add, submit, etc.

When you hear the word “functional", what comes to your mind? The first thought that comes to our mind is a well-functioning site. The website that sells.

Now you have great Magento 2 solution that will help you to maximize your sales. It is Stripes design that steps towards the creation of functional website.

Meets both functional and usability requirements

What do you see first when you visit an online store? What do you expect?

Besides the visual appearance, you might expect the website has the user-based design. The design that is addressing core questions of every visitor.

Actually, the user's satisfaction is one of the most important factors the usability comprises. We’re going to discover what enhances usability in Stripes template. We bet you find it a very helpful in creating a simple user experience for your website customers.

What you see then is a header. Stripes header functionality is something your visitors will be impressed. It shows the benefits of working with your company. Let's start with a search field.

Search field

When it comes to positive user experience, a search field is a powerful element. In Stripes design, you can see highly-visible search field accessible to anyone. Being placed right at the top, a search field provides quick access to enter search queries for mobile users. The bright red search icon is visible and easy to see at a glance. Apart from a noticeable button, it has a placeholder text “search”, that makes a design intuitive for every user.

You can also see a search box with savvy search autocomplete functionality. It is powered by M2 Ajax Search Autocomplete module. Via autosuggest dropdown list, you show to visitors the products they might not have seen yet. Plus, you allow users search by categories.

Account drop down link list

Account drop down is what we like about Stripes, too. Once click My Account link, users will see a dropdown with useful information. This kind of drop down is a good way to forward customers quickly to the pages important personally for them.

Sticky header 

Much could be said about sticky elements on the websites. Argento themes provide great experience in terms of this option. Stripes sticky header is a part of building user-friendly store whatever it sells. The option is disabled by default. It can be enabled optionally.

Separate "Departments" page

To provide the best customer experience, Argento Stripes theme allows building a separate page 'Departments' designed like Amazon categories listing. The page will output all available product categories and subcategories. This is done by Easy Catalog Images functionality. You can see that a page is based on the most modern and configurable Masonry layout.


Navigation menu

Stripes design makes the navbar accessible from anywhere on a site without having to scroll. The header has the main accent on amazing website navigation. Argento for Magento 2 includes M2 Navigation Pro module. On a screenshot, you see a popular Amazon menu that brings the navigation through your store to the highest level. However, you are also allowed to build mega menu, sidebar and iconic menus; show stacked dropdowns or complex dropdown content. See more about menus that get results. Argento Stripes supports them all.

Informative banners

Stripes design keeps providing more content on the page right beyond a header.

You can see 4 banners with essential information about your company: shipping information, replacement policy, warranty info or anything else. The feature is provided be M2 Easy Banners module. That way you will show advantages of your store service. This kind of information directly on the homepage will help you develop customer trust and loyalty.

Argento Stripes theme has much more features of a fully functional and user-friendly website. Keep reading to see a list of new design tricks.

Homepage design elements

As visitors scroll, they find opportunities to learn more about your electronics store. Stripes homepage opens up a window to the world of unlimited opportunities of your website.

Featured products collection

You probably ask yourself "How to add featured product in Magento 2?" Stripes template solved the case for you. Right on the homepage, you can see impressive blocks with highlighted products from your website. This is powered by M2 Product Highlight module that allows you to show new, on sale, bestsellers or simply popular products via widgets. The large image on the left brings customers attention to a unique product. It looks exciting.

Another peculiarity in the block ensures easy navigation through the featured products collection. You can see new widget design. It includes the controls that allow users view much more products at once without navigating to category pages and reloading the page

There are other wonderful features in the products list. When hovering the cart icon you can see the available product attributes. You can manage this via M2 Featured Attributes module that is a part of Argento Stripes template. In fact, the module allows you to select a set of attributes and display them on a category page for each product.

Hover effects

You can also see the product image change when hovering over. M2 Hover Gallery module is a part of many Argento themes.

Do you like hover effects? That's a pretty good, actually.

The hover effects can be used on different types of elements. Where space is critical (especially on mobile), you can easily display a necessary information. Look at the all advantages:

  • Bringing attention to products attributes.
  • Hiding information like a whole piece of text, to avoid cluttering your webpage.
  • Highlighting various look of the same product without moving customer to the product page.

Brand logo slider

Argento Stripes provides the display of brand logo slider anywhere in your Magento 2 store, including a homepage. In order to create this one or full-width slider, you can use M2 Image Slider module module that comes in package with Argento theme.


Footer design is well suited for the website that intents to help customers. We know that the footer can be crucial for increasing engagement with your customers. Striving to keep the footer visually appealing, new Argento design has the footer with the dark background. This is a kind of attempt to convince visitors to pay attention to your website services because the dark footer visually delineates the content using contrast.

Look at the elements that were implemented in Stripe's footer:

  • Social media block with attractive buttons changing the color on hover mode.
  • Important navigation links that help users take the next step.
  • Nice image that can be used to highlight the main message of your store or emphasize product best sellers.
  • Available payment methods.

What's about subscription form? Argento Stripes offers amazing lightbox popup to get more newsletter subscribers. The feature is powered by Lightbox banner that can be created in Easy Banners module configuration. You can also use a popup to promote new products or deliver special offers. Nice visual elements such as large image and bright CTA button are in service of assisting you.

What else you should know about Stripes

Talking about the category, product, and other CMS pages, all them keep Argento tradition of great usability. We note that Argento for Magento 2 includes 21 powerful extensions that help you strengthen the website for a product presentation. Apart from the modules mentioned above, you can use Sold Together, Product Questions, Facebook Like Button, Lightbox Pro, SEO Suite, Slick Carousel, Testimonials, Product Labels, Ajax Pro, Attributes and Brand Pages.

What we like about Argento Stripes is new implemented features:

  • Modified product page layout
  • New Featured Attributes module
  • Awesome newsletter popup
  • New filter in ajax search functionality
  • Footer with creative design
  • Colors closely related to Google's material design guidelines.
  • Large, striking imagery.

New Argento Stripes theme is totally awesome, isn't it?


To conclude we would like to say that we believe in Argento template for any kind of e-commerce store. When it comes to new design, let's say 6 words. Stripes is ideal for selling electronics.

If you have anything to add, tell us. We like comments.

2 thoughts on “Website first impression matters. Argento Stripes design is a good deal!”

  • cmason

    Is it just me or does any of the developers of Magento theme never take a look at Shopify themes and realize that the majority of ecommerce stores are under 20 products and aren't these huge conglomerates with thousands of products!? Seriously, design a theme for 5 products, large imagery, video, etc. Take a look at which started out with 1 product and now do have 5 main products and a accessory section, yet it's a 50 million dollar company!? LOOK AT THEIR THEME, HEAVY ON IMAGERY AND VIDEO! Not the, we must have 50000 products for a theme to look "complete".

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    • Roman B.

      Usually, this kind of stores differs from other stores with a menu and homepage content only. So, optimal solution - is to create a homepage and menu layout for it. Luxury already has a homepage for such store. You can remove all custom widgets and leave custom cms content only. Navigationpro also gives an ability to create a custom menu.

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