Increase sales in the midst of New Year celebrations with new Argento releases

Increase sales in the midst of New Year celebrations with new Argento releases

Still waiting for more sales? Sales rarely get better by just waiting around. You need to do something about that. We know what works.

Even being in a festive mood, we are working for our clients. Because we believe that there's still time to get more revenue in the midst of Christmas celebrations.

Argento new releases will help you!

Read on to learn about new fantastic features for Argento template.

Boost revenue with Argento 1.1.0 release for Magento 2

M2 Argento release includes 4 new modules, Luxury theme enhancements and 24 updates in Magento 2 extensions.

Best Magento 2 extensions

What are the factors affecting sales growth? Everybody knows that SEO basics help to double traffic and sales. And this is so cool. We mean now there was an opportunity to improve your website's SEO. Argento got new Magento 2 SEO extension.

SEO Suite includes the following modules:

  • Google Rich Snippets that helps users to see the additional information about your site directly on Google search page.
  • HTML Sitemap that enables creating HTML sitemap with the list of stores, categories, products, CMS pages and custom links.

  • SEO URLs that make your store better for search engines.

One more extension will help you to create the customer experience that boosts sales. Built-in Lightbox Pro module will help you to improve the appearance of your product images. The module comes with widely configurable image size and popup sections. You can also use Magento 2 lightbox image gallery widget to show image gallery on any store page.

Fixes and improvements in Luxury Theme

Every website owner is always looking to get more site visitors. This is easy with Argento Luxury theme. See what has been improved:

  • Added homepage full-screen slider configuration from admin
  • Added sitemap link to footer links
  • Fixed wrong logo position on new Ajax Search version
  • Corrected Navigation Pro styles on homepage
  • Fixed search icon position when store switcher is not displayed
  • Fixed listing styles on mobile devices

Extensions updates

The updates for Argento modules are always welcome because they add new functionality to your store. Improved user experience comes with store functionality. You see that is the essential element for every good e-commerce website with big sales.

Ajax Search

  • Now product page is opened when click or press enter on the element in popup.
  • Added missing close button and spinner in folded mode.
  • Removed mistakenly added cacheable=’false’ param, which disabled FPC.
  • Fixed error CollectionFactory already in use.
  • Fixed search form submit only after the second tap on mobile keyboard.


  • Fixed not unique form element ids.
  • Added config for “You have not submitted a question” message.
  • Update ui_component according to the latest requirements.
  • Fixed error on Magento versions before 2.2.0.
  • Fixed vote for question action.

Easy Banner

  • Fixed SQL error “1205 Lock wait timeout exceeded”.
  • Reduced number of database operations.
  • Fixed search at banner conditions page.
  • Code cleanup.

Easy Catalog Images

  • Fixed compatibility with Magento versions 2.1.x.

Navigation Pro

  • Added sidebar menu support.
  • Added navigation pro widget.
  • Added Amazon-like sidebar menu.
  • Fixes for mobile devices.
  • Fixed PHP error when switching store view in backend interface.
  • Improved drop-down positioning calculations.

Pro Labels

  • Fixed invalid discount values calculation for non-base currencies.

Sold Together

  • Fixed customer reindex (error occurred when customer had no orders).
  • Code cleanup.

Increase sales with Magento Argento 1.9.5 release

The latest Argento release for Magento brings advanced configuration settings for every Argento theme. You will also see a reduced number of templates and some source code improvements.

New configuration sections

‘Category page and other listing pages’ and ‘Product page’ config sections were added to every Argento theme. Now you can easier set up the product image resize options for listing pages, widgets and product pages.

Sometimes time-consuming tasks lead to increasing of non-selling time. New Argento settings make the website configuration more efficient, simple and quick. That will help you to save time and increase sales productivity.  

Good for SEO

Another Argento features will not only drive more sales but also improve SEO.

  • Argento allows loading Google fonts with javascript library web font loader. This is a way to improve page speed score in Luxury, Pure2, Flat and Argento themes.That will certainly speed up your website. Happy users make a purchase faster.
  • Source code improvements for your site’s SEO.
  • Reduced number of templates.

Modules fixes & improvements


  • Added ability to disable layered navigation output via configuration.
  • Attribute pages 1.4.0 support added.
  • Magento Cookie Restriction Mode support added.
  • Fixed possible “Content mismatch” error when using third-party layered navigation modules.

Ask It

  • Fixed ‘reached 100 match iterations’ when URL end with /.
  • Fixed customer email template in a nl_NL locale.


  • Scroll to “Review form” itself instead of a top of Review section when the visitor clicks “Add review” link on the product page.

Facebook Like Button

  • Added options to set up the size of og: image that Facebook uses in shared URLs.


  • Added new position for a label - ‘hidden’. With help of this position, you can hide label on product page or category page.

SEO Suite

  • XML Sitemap - prevent memory leak during sitemap generation.

Sold Together

  • Added new option to reindex orders with specific statuses only.
  • Fixed javascript error at some environments “group symbol is undefined”.
  • A fixed crash of cron reindexes on the huge number of orders (10K+).

We are continuously making improvements in Argento and attempting to simplify the maintenance process. Hope, you will use the new features of Argento releases as one of the simplest ways to increase traffic and sales.

Please send us any comment or suggestion you may have.

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