Magento 2 hreflang tag as part of SEO Suite module. Start using it today.

Magento 2 hreflang tag as part of SEO Suite module. Start using it today.

Would you want Google rank your website highly? We know for sure you would. Do your foreign customers want to see a store page in their native language? They do want.

Asking questions like these, we bring you closer to the good news. Hreflang... now is as a part of SEO Suite module. In the article we will consider the reasons to use Hreflang attribute as well as the ways to implement this tag.  

What does hreflang mean

The Hreflang is an HTML meta element specifies the language for marked page. Using the hreflang tag you help search engines serve the languages your content is written in, and URLs there are available. That way you direct visitors to the most appropriate version of your web pages by language or region.

Hreflang usage

The hreflang attribute is must have for multilingual or multinational websites. We highly recommend to use it if you have the same content in multiple languages or you offer products at different geographic locations but in the same language.

Doing SEO in Magento 2 store, you can use hreflang tag also to prevent duplicate content issues. If your website provides a content in different languages or subdirectories, Google might treat that as duplicates. Once you set a hreflang attribute in meta tags, you make it clear to the search engine that it is the same content, but optimized for different people.

Well, summarizing the discussion, using hreflang tag helps to:

  • mark up web pages that have similar content in multiple languages
  • target the various markets that use the same language
  • prevent the problem of duplicate content
  • deliver the results about the most appropriate URL for interested visitors
  • help your website increase the CTR from search results
  • improve the overall SEO strategy

Implementing hreflang as part of SEO Suite

All right, you have an excellent opportunity to tell Google about multiple versions of a page for different languages or regions at your Magento 2 website.

SEO Suite extension has already become the favorite module. From today it is available to use the Regional URLs module as a part of SEO Suite.

The module includes “Add hreflang to page head” option that allows choosing whether you want add hreflang attribute to the document meta tags or not. But it's not only that.

Regional URLs module includes “Locale as subfolder in URLs” option that allows adding a locale as a subdirectory into store base URL. So you can generate the correct and valid URLs for every store view your Magento 2 site has. There will be no redirects with these URLs and no 404 pages. The search bots will definitely like this.

The module works perfectly with:

  • Home page and CMS Pages
  • Category Pages (with and without layered navigation filters)
  • Product Pages

In sum

The recent period has seen the creation of a number of essential features as part of SEO Suite module. And we are happy to add Regional URLs module to the package. This won't be the last tool on the way to ranking your website higher.

Having a well-rounded understanding of search engine optimization, we keep implementing the best SEO practices.

No need to hire SEO expert. Just stay tuned.

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