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  • Get latest 0.9 release of Argento responsive template for Magento 2

    Get latest 0.9 release of Argento responsive template for Magento 2

    Considering that you use our extensions, SwissUpLabs team is excited to inform about Argento 0.9 release for Magento 2. The magento template with enhanced reputation and with 20 published releases for last 3 years. Check out our best Magento 2 template.

    Presently, this top-tier theme is compatible with Magento 2 platform. If you are looking for the solution that will perfectly fit e-commerce tasks, you get it with Argento 2 template.

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  • 15 Magento 2 extensions are now part of Swissuplabs collection

    15 Magento 2 extensions are now part of Swissuplabs collection

    In January 2016 we have started SwissUpLabs as a brand new way of providing Magento extensions for store owners and developers. In the beginning, some said we are crazy offering our products at such price and terms.

    Since our team worked hard in order to maximize value for our clients and help them to succeed. Positive feedback from our clients really helped us to understand that we are on right track.

    Just 2 weeks ago we increased our Magento 1 modules collection to 36 modules and today we are proud to tell that we are also adding 15 Magento 2 extensions to our offer.

    So let’s check how we can help you to improve your Magento 2 store not paying hundreds of dollars.

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  • How to edit checkout fields in Magento 1 and Magento 2

    Edit checkout fields in Magento 1 and Magento 2

    Continuing our previous promise of discussion common Magento issues we're going to help you with editing checkout fields. When it comes to checkout experience a big deal of potential customers feels tired of focusing on required fields. This makes users spend a lot of needless time and consequently have difficulties on the way to desired purchase.

    And that's why shopkeepers wish to remove some checkout fields such as fax, company or middle name. We think it's a good idea.

    Let's start with learning how to edit Magento checkout page…

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  • 15+ Free Magento 2 themes - complete list for March 2020. Plus 12 free Magento 1 templates.

    Free Magento 2 themes

    When building a website a powerful starting point can be the correctly chosen theme. We strongly believe a Magento theme should not only cause an emotion but also offer the elements you'll need to create the best functionality ever.

    Don’t know what exactly theme to choose? Check out the collection. More and more Magento and Magento 2 templates flooding the market every day. Why not start your online business from free Magento themes. Sometimes a free template includes a powerful functionality.

    We keep updating the list of free Magento 2.3 themes with new ones. Welcome to look through the best free Magento/ Magento 2.3 themes available on the market in March 2020.

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  • SwissUpLabs offers 36 modules for Magento 1!

    disable compare magento

    Dear Magento User,

    What experience have you had of marketing your business last time? Have you tried out all possible ways of leveraging your magento store?

    Have a look at what else can help you to get outstanding website and increase user flows.

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  • Remove compare functionality in Magento 1 and Magento 2

    Removecompare functionality in Magento 1 and Magento 2

    It happens that users are wishing to get assistance via the helpdesk system immediately, without browsing Google before. However, there are tutorials as a good tool to cover technical support issues that may be faced by our customers. And we recommend you to follow guide steps in order to complete your task on your own. It would help you save time, above all.

    Today we’re going to discuss a problem of disabling product comparison feature. We’ll explain how to remove Add to Compare button from every page of your website. You'll learn how to disable compare block from the sidebar, category page or the product page. We'll list all steps for different Magento versions separately.

    Also, we've got a good offer for you at the end of an article. It will be about how to disable the default Magento “Compare” functionality much faster.

    So, no wasting time. Let’s go straight to the solution.

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  • 10 tricks to improve Magento admin security

    Magento is a world leading e-commerce platform. Magento as BuiltWith says is powering over 22% of the top 100,000 eCommerce websites. This is for building reliable and highly functional websites. Magento is true provider of security. How many times have you heard it already?

    That&rsquo's why this post is not about how we love Magento. Listen more about admin security issues like what happened recently. There was a number of brute force attacks exploiting /RSS/catalog/notify stock, /RSS/catalog/review, /RSS/order/new in Magento. These events have nudged us to remind you about best practices to prevent Magento security issues.

    We’ re going to review the most common types of the online security breach. Spend your time to evaluating some approaches to protect your admin panel and get rid of hacking a site.

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  • Free Magento 2 theme is released!

    We are proud to announce the release of Free Absolute theme for Magento 2. This template is a favorite of many users worldwide. Over 100 000 Magento 1 installations since theme launching! Thereby we keep attempting to double a success and target more magento customers. Following the release of Magento 2 we offer you to review updated Absolute template.

    Performance improvements focus on mobile visitors. Absolute template comes with responsive design that will make your magento 2 website look amazing on every device. Theme is available in blue color now. With next release we’ll offer you more colors to make the template fit most fastidious design lovers.

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  • 30 Free Credit card and Payment methods icons set for your store

    No matter where you are, you might run your e-business website worldwide. You probably meet new visitors with their own wishes. Besides the attractive products, it is essential to follow rules that will fit every consumer. The one is secure payment methods which lead to the completion of the purchase.

    What about payment processing improvement for making user experience better?

    Actually the using as much as possible online payment systems would be expedient bargain for your store. Allow your customers to pay however they want! Visitors should be certain what payment methods they can pay at your store. We recommend you to place icons with notable logo of popular payment providers. It will help users easily understand what they can expect to. The more payment gateways you integrate at your store, the more chances to accept cards you give to your customers. The efforts you make are surely will be rewarded.

    How to choose the visually appealing and at the same time recognizable payment method and credit card icons?

    Today we’d like to share with you some of icons collections. You will see icon packs which users can download in JPG, PNG and PSD format. Why not to discover and find the one that will be perfect for your website. Keep following…..  

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  • Working Hard, Making the Best Magento Modules and Extensions!


    After running different successful Magento websites such as:

    We are thrilled today to launch our new Magento products and services!

    With SwissUpLabs, it’s time to have everything you need under the same roof, for a price, never seen on Magento Products & Services.

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