The power of monthly updates is in enhancing your Magento 2 store with new functionality. Check it out to see the advances.

The power of monthly updates is in enhancing your Magento 2 store with new functionality. Check it out to see the advances.

Christmas time mood officially started. We see everyone in the spirit of new life, new hope, new accomplishments. However, we want to share with you something that's already achieved. In the spirit of a drake-friendly workflow, we released 20+ improvements for the modules.

Inside the post, we show you all possible updates made for our Magento 2 extensions in November 2019. Read all.

Well, we love new features as much as you love it.

For instance, Easy Banner 1.5.0 extension includes the new popup banner. The exit-intent popup allows showing up a special price offer, an urgent message, the invitation to subscribe or any other positive call-to-action. The feature is good in attracting the visitor who's about to close the page back to your store page.

Akismet  1.2.1 module becomes easier to handle. When planning the installation, you can use the added installation instructions.

Ajax Search 1.8.3, Ajax Pro 1.4.13, Helpdesk 1.1.4 modules include the best practices to ensure improved code quality. The latest versions are fully compatible with the MEQP coding standard.

Besides some bug fixes, the Ajax Layered Navigation 1.3.10 release also brings the Meqp improvements and the new ajax request caching feature. That leads to the boosted server performance and reduced load times for newly filtered products.

Prolabels 1.4.0 module has got the advanced text editor for product labels text and CSS in Magento 2 Admin.

SEO Suite 1.8.0 module is full of new updates. Have a look at:

  • The ability of generating alternate text for product images.
  • CLI command to generate metadata - bin/magento swissup:seotemplates:generate.
  • Significant improvements for metadata generation via Cron. No more problems with Magento Cache when job is running.
  • Overall code refactoring to meet Magento Guides.
  • Good news for Rich Snippets (1.4.3). Now you can change the way of configurable product presentation in data snippet. Now it is a product with multiple offers.

In addition, users can specify properties in offers and aggregated rating parts of the data snippet. It is possible with the ‚ÄúStructured data‚ÄĚ option in the configuration.

Store Maintenance 2.1.0 extension includes the advanced text editor for Styles and HTML of maintenance page in Magento 2 Editor. It is based on CodeMirror library.

You can also see minor fixes and improvements for Easy tabs 1.7.5, Sold together 1.6.5, Review reminder 1.1.3, Page speed 1.3.5, 1.3.6.

On a final note…

Have you been interested in the new updates? Share your impressions in comments. We love your feedback. It is of great help for improving our Magento 2 extensions and themes.

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