Case Study: Netalico Commerce. Their experience has taught us well how to learn from other's success. See what idea you like best.

Case Study: Netalico Commerce. Their experience has taught us well how to learn from other's success. See what idea you like best.

Hundreds of companies online, but how do you find the right one, with the right experience, and with the balance of reliability and service cost?

How about a story that could inspire you to represent your site effectively? We'd like to share with you the case study about our lovely client. This is a web development company with long-term and trustworthy customer service.

Let's look at a few questions-answers: a stepping-stone to success, simple ways to increase credibility, etc. You' ll also see some secrets that steer the company's clients to accomplishments in sales.

What did it take to succeed in today's increasingly competitive marketplace? 

Slow growth and quality service. We get almost all of our business by word of mouth so instead of investing heavily in sales and marketing, we just do good work and the services sell themselves.

What is the most valuable proposition of your company? 

We' re focused exclusively on eCommerce and work on multiple platforms (Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce) so we' re always interested in guiding merchants to the platform that's the best fit for them. And because we' re a small team, we can be responsive, get work done quickly, and our clients often talk directly to the developers working on their site, so there's no communication slowdown. That also allows us to get to know our clients' business needs, so we can proactively make suggestions we saw work for other websites.

What are some of your best projects?

We are so grateful that these companies gave us the opportunity to be friends with them: Limitless Walls, Brondell, Audio Advice, vetApprovedRX, OMIGO, Feetures.

We are really glad that our clients are able to boast success.

By the way, provides an outstanding checkout page. Customized by FireCheckout module, the page follows the best practices for design, building, and management of the entire checkout flow. The customers will definitely be happier here and buy more.

By the way, the order summary block can be set to the sticky element. So, visitors would always see the important details without scrolling much.

When building a website how do you know what will best represent your client's brand and fulfill its goals?

We're good listeners and we ask good questions. We work with merchants to understand their values, needs, and the needs of their customers, and we draw on our experience with similar clients. Once we feel like we' re able to empathize and think through their mindset we' re able to design and develop the website that best represents their brand. We' re always open to communication and questions and aim to be more of a partner and part of the team than a vendor.

What criteria do you need to ensure you’ re selecting the right third-party partner? Tell us please about the experience of using our products. 

The number one quality we look for is solid development best practices. Good code means less work for us and less hassle for the merchants. The second thing we look for is quality support. Especially with Magento, you often run into customization conflicts and having good support is crucial to debugging those issues.

In light of this, we are glad to work with SwissUpLabs. This Magento company provides fast and consistent support for all extensions we use. They update their products on time. Therefore we are encouraged by user-friendly services with good quality.

What approaches or online tools do you consider as the most useful? 

Internally, we use Asana as a flexible project management tool and Slack for quick answers. And we link all our internal tasks with whatever project management solution the merchants use, or just email. This allows the merchants to work in the environment they' re most used to, and it allows our whole team visibility into a client's workload. That means we can be flexible, the right team member gets a given task, and there's a record of everything.

Finally, it may be concluded…

That it is obvious why happy clients endorse the product - the website developed by Netalico Commerce. All of them stand out by providing excellent functionality with a strong focus on great design.

One of the reasons why we prefer working with our clients like... is how they are effectively using our products in their business. And it's always a good idea to say thank you when someone joins our SwissUpLabs team. Thank you for confidence in us.

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