November monthly report is here. Use it to your advantage.

Am I using additional features around my website to increase the value of a total offer? Ask yourself and dive in the November 2018 modules updates.

Winter holidays are upon us. But very soon one already feels that it is a time to reflect on the past year and make plans for the future.

We ask you: what lies ahead for your eCommerce website. Of course, it's customer loyalty, increased traffic and revenue growth.

We would be happy to help you in the success of your store. Both the modules and themes were designed to improve your website services. Now let's dive in November monthly report about new updates and enhancements.

New great feature, first

A month ago we already informed you about the new format for installing our M2 modules and themes.

Now we fully support the installing via composer. You see - you don't need to download archives manually. Bob’s your uncle.

There are a lot more things you can do with a composer. Use them to your advantage:

  • Less time on managing packages yourself.
  • Fast installing process.
  • The dependencies required by the package are automatically processed by Composer itself.
  • A composer update files each time when the module gets a new version.

New Argento versions

In November 2018 we improved Argento theme with new features. Besides, Argento includes Magento Page Speed module. Look for clues on how to improve your store performance with Argento updates. 

New updates for Magento 2 modules

The Magento 2 FireCheckout extension is the leader in development awesome features for the best possible checkout process in your store. FireCheckout 1.15.0-1.15.1 updates are:

  • Magento 2.1 compatibility in the Delivery Date¬†module
  • Delivery Time feature added to the DeliveryDate¬†module
  • Fixed ability to save address/customer attribute with custom attribute_code (AddressFieldManager¬†and CustomerFieldManager)
  • Fixed blocked payment popup when using Braintree module with enabled ‚ÄúPaypal through Braintree‚ÄĚ option
  • Small code optimizations
  • Minor CSS fixes
  • Third-party modules compatibility
  • Firecheckout now triggers standard shipping validation when placing an order. This makes it even more friendly to third-party modules.
  • Fixed compatibility with PostNL module
  • Fixed compatibility with Sagepay payment method

The following modules from the FireCheckout package were updated, too.

AddressAutocomplete 1.1.1

  • Fixed non-working autocomplete when the form doesn‚Äôt have ID attribute (Some rare third-party modules)

CheckoutSuccess 1.3.1

  • Fixed non working page preview functionality in the backend, when backend and frontend have different timezone settings.

DeliveryDate 1.3.1

  • Delivery Time feature added
  • Added ability to add Delivery Date information to the order emails
  • Improved config interfaces

TaxVat 1.1.1

  • Removed ability to enter vat number without country code because of conflict with Magento automatic customer group assignment feature

SEO Suite 1.2.0 release is about:

  • Layered Navigation URLs have a new awesome feature now. And slight fix/improvement for HTML Sitemap.
  • SEO URLs has got the new feature to change in-URL labels and values in filters.
  • HTML Sitemap includes an option in the config that allows showing CMS pages in sitemap.

ReCaptcha 1.1.1 updates are:

  • Fix invisible recaptcha does not submit forms.
  • Use curl to request recaptcha validation. It makes request slightly faster.

Customer fields manager 1.1.1 and Address field manager 1.4.1 modules have got fixed ability to save attribute with custom attribute_code. 

SMTP Email 0.2.1 updates are:

  • Add email logging option
  • Code optimisation

New updates for Magento modules

FireCheckout 4.3.5. You can see lots of improvements in new release. 

  • Checkout Success module updated to 2.0.9
  • Fixed missing login popup, when a customer clicks ‚ÄúLogin‚ÄĚ link
  • Fixed alert message in Firefox when a client is leaving checkout page
  • Show/hide asterisk for zip/region fields when their status is dynamically updated
  • Tax/Vat offline validation now supports validation for Brazil CPF/CNPJ numbers
  • Fixed empty rows in ‚ÄúDefault Payment Method‚ÄĚ config option

Third-party modules

  • Solupay_Networkmerchant integration added. See docs for more instructions.
  • Magestore_Affiliateplus integration added
  • Zipmoney_ZipmoneyPayment integration added
  • Improved integration with Iways_PaypalPlus
  • TIG_PostNl integration updated
  • Updated integration with Payfort_Pay method
  • Improved code stability in Webtex_Giftcards integration
  • Updated integration with ShipperHQ_Pickup module
  • Amasty_OrderAttr integration updated. See docs for more instructions.

Google ReCaptcha 1.2. The good news is you can finally protect your ‚ÄúContact Us‚ÄĚ form with reCAPTCHA.

SEO Suite 0.6.5 updates are:

Rich Snippets:

  • Fix validation error ‚Äúid is null‚ÄĚ at the product page.

HTML Sitemap:

  • Show only enabled CMS pages in sitemap.

Full Page Cache 1.5.0:

  • PHP 7.2 compatibility
  • Added compatibility with MGS_Panel module (Claue themes)
  • Improved cache records delete logic. Less memory consumption.
  • Decreased memory consumption in backend grids
  • Fixed possible placeholder output instead of actual html content ( This happens when some block has its own cache renders another ‚Äėdynamic‚Äô block inside)
  • Fixed possible ‚Äėkey is already registered‚Äô error.

Color Swatches 2.1.6 version has got fixed empty swatch images on the product page.

Ajax Layered Navigation 2.6.2 updates are:

  • Fixed column not exist bug
  • Fixed typo sSelect
  • Fixed empty $where price filter (ranges mode)
  • Fixed pager p=1 on mobile
  • Fixed undefined params string
  • Fixed pager logic in return on page 1
  • Fixed error on the catalog search page
  • Add toggle swatches option
  • Fixed 404 error when saving option
  • Fixed SEO redirect.

Is your website functionality better than competitors? If it is still not, how you can make it better? Just take advantage of every opportunity.

And use the latest versions of the software. Stay tuned.

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