Improve Magento store performance with Argento theme. New M1 1.12 & M2 1.7.1 versions are up for it

Improve Magento store performance with Argento theme. New M1 1.12 & M2 1.7.1 versions are up for it.

The more we read about e-commerce websites, the more we see users claiming that sites must be fast and user-oriented. And it’s time we see that getting the theme right is important for solving tasks facing the website.

For thousands of people, the Argento theme was the template that led to attracting visitors and designing a better user experience for the products and a service.

That is why we keep updating our favorite Magento theme. We exceed Argento modules with new features. We make overall theme design improvements. And today, we'd like to share new releases of Argento template both for Magento and Magento 2 versions. There's so much to use and see. So, what's new?

Argento 1.12 for Magento 1

All recent stats show you how important it is to have a fast website. The page speed should always be a crucial point for your e-commerce site.

Argento theme has got a new module into the package. The Magento Page Speed extension provides a solution for HTML, Javascript and CSS files minification and image optimization. You will see a Lazy load image feature, and so on.

We also suggest you read some tested tips about image optimization in your store.   

Through the 1.12 release, you can see overall themes and extension stability improvements. See what modules were updated this time:


  • Fix empty customer new in the email.


  • Fix missing conditions on 2nd level in product tabs.

Lightbox Pro:

  • Fix the broken gallery widget.

SEO Suite:

  • Rich Snippets - fix validation error “id is null” at the product page.
  • HTML Sitemap - show only enabled CMS pages in sitemap.


  • Fixed rating stars validation.

Argento 1.7.1 for Magento 2

Every time we release a new version of Argento, you can use Upgrade Instructions to update a theme.

New 1.7.1 release for Argento template brings small CSS fixes in Argento theme as well as powerful updates for Magento 2 extensions.

Sold Together — 1.3.1

  • Improved code stability, prevent ‘ID already exists’ error
  • Moved slick init params from template to block

AjaxPro — 1.4.1

  • Multiple fixes for cart slide mode

Easy Catalog Images — 1.4.0

  • Added ability to use the widget with categories of one StoreGroup at another StoreGroup
  • Fixed broken image URL, if the width wasn’t set to a proper number

GDPR — 1.1.0

  • Fixed MySQL error on client consents page when table prefixes are used

Lightbox Pro — 1.2.0

  • Improved compatibility with ProLabels
  • Added correct alt text for preloading image

ProLabels — 1.2.1

  • Update label indexes when product updated
  • Improve predefined variables search in the label text
  • Get product final and regular price properly

The updates worth special attention are the improvements of the modules from SEO Suite toolkit. You probably read our guide to effective SEO practices. For any store to drive traffic which is surely what any website wants - SEO tools should be used.

And Argento modules help to determine its success in rankings. Magento 2 SEO Suite extension is a part of Argento theme. It consists of 7 modules: HTML Sitemap, Regional URLs (hreflang), Metadata Templates, Rich Snippets, SEO Pagination, SEO-friendly URLs, XML sitemap.

The following modules have got the updates in 1.7.1 release:

Rich snippets — 1.2.1

  • Remove tags in a product description
  • Added product brand to structured data

Regional and Language URLs — 1.3.2

  • Select swatches on listing when filter applied
  • Fixed broken redirect to the homepage when a customer reaches respective CMS page via its URL
  • Fixed ‘Invalid return type’ error on Magento 2.1.x

SEO Templates — 1.1.1

  • Improved metadata generation stability
  • Fixed 404 for actions in admin grid

The importance of feedback from a product is clear. We appreciate all the comments we receive from Argento users. You help us design the best Magento template ever. This will help you create better service for your target customer.

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