Well done. Get Magento 2 Alternative JS Frontend with the Breeze module!

Well done. Get Magento 2 Alternative JS Frontend with the Breeze module!

Now, in the days when the website speed matters a lot, the slowly working pages cause users' frustration. There are many solutions in the market to improve the performance, yet Google will measure speed with its updated Core Web Vitals algorithm . And we all should be prepared.

However, the default Magento 2 still has a lot of javascript. Is it that serious, you might say? Yes, JS makes pages heavy and slow, and we receive lots of requests to decrease the amount of js.

The good news is that we released the Breeze module that will remove javascript. It aims to make Magento 2 themes based on Luma much faster. We introduce Breeze today. Read more!

New JS frontend for Magento 2

Our new module works for the website frontend. With Breeze  you can implement all main Magento 2 pages and features. So your store will stay dynamic and user-friendly, but times faster.

The Breeze module creates the alternative JS frontend for Magento 2. It will be free of heavy javascript. Breeze replaces scripts with simplified versions. When installing it, the module removes all custom and third-party scripts. That boosts the speed of your web pages up to 100%.

Have a look at SwissUpLabs results in Google Page Speed score!

More about Breeze module

For now the module provides integration with all important Magento 2 pages and features. With the Breeze module it is possible to improve the Fully Loaded Time, Time to Interactive,  Total Page Size and Total Page Requests values on:

  • Homepage
  • Other CMS pages
  • Category page
  • Search and Advanced search
  • Contact Us page
  • Account page
  • Product page

Please notice that in the current version, our module supports all Magento 2 product types except configurable and bundle. Learn more at the extension documentation page .

Well, as you can see we didn’t mention the Shopping Cart and Checkout pages. We will replace JS libraries there in the next releases.

To simplify the integration process with Luma-based themes, we made Breeze module to support the knockout js framework of Magento 2. So you can simply use the same templates as the default Welcome message or Add to Cart notification for instance, with Breeze js bindings.

Welcome to check the module page  to see more details.

Let us say that we don’t cover all features yet. We are gonna add support for them in later module versions. And as always we ask you to share your ideas and suggestions with us. What else would you like to see in the Breeze module?

Breeze theme

Well, looking forward, we want to say we are also working on the new theme. It will use the maximum potential of the Breeze module.

When designing this template, we are to improve some drawbacks of the Luma theme.

Our goal is to:

  • Reduce too much CSS.
  • Add easy way to create critical CSS.
  • Bring more modern technologies to the Luma based frontend.

To sum up, we are very glad to get the Breeze module in our SwissUpLabs extensions club. If you are part of a club, you have a commercial license for Breeze. And it means you can focus on your frontend performance right now.

And what about the Argento template?

On the way to optimizing the Argento theme for the best performance and rankings, we will do it Breeze-friendly, too.

Now we are working hard to include the Breeze module to the Argento package. It is gonna be very soon.

Stay in touch.

4 thoughts on “Well done. Get Magento 2 Alternative JS Frontend with the Breeze module!”

  • Mark

    Great, please let me know if you tested it with other themes then Luma. We have theme bought from Themeforest and really interested to see this module in action.

    • Roman B.

      We have not tested it with our templates unfortunatly. But you will need to do some js integration in case you use third party template. Please check more details at our dev docs.

  • Dieg324

    We are working on new store on Magento 2 and have no sales for now. Please confirm that we still can use this module for free unless we will get 200K sales per year.

    P.S. Page speed score looks really amazing! Really hope to implement it on our new site.

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