Prepare your Magento 2 store to pass the Google Web Vitals test. Starting with Argento 1.22.3 release.

Magento 2 store  Google Web Vitals. Starting with Argento 1.22.3 release.

Do Pass/Fail tests affect your online business success? We talk about the Google Core Web Vitals algorithm today. Or rather about high ranking, and keeping your website visible on Google for the future.

The Core Web Vitals is a set of metrics by Google aimed to give better search engines position for stores that are faster. For websites that meet the requirements of fast loading performance, the top-notch interaction between the user and your browser, and visual stability when interacting with the web page.

Since we're waiting for algorithm updates in the near months, we want our client stores to have the boosted performance. You have to pass the Core Web Vitals score. You have to stay on top of SEO in 2021. Let’s see how our team will help you with that.

Core Web Vitals requirements briefly

The Web Vitals is a Google initiative to reduce the number of websites that create frustrating user experiences due to low performance and poor engagement between users and website elements. The Core Web Vitals algorithm monitors and estimates the stores by a set of metrics related to speed, mobile-friendly design, and visual stability.

Basically, it means that in order to meet the requirements, you have to speed up your site. You have to:

  • Make the website content load fast. This is in line with the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) metric.
  • Create a fast connection between users and your content. This is in line with the First Input Delay (FID) metric.
  • Provide stability of rendering content. This is in line with the Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) metric.

We offer you to meet these demands with our Magento 2 themes and extensions.

With our Argento template, we solve a lot of issues related to getting a high page speed score. So let's give your site a ranking boost also with the latest Argento 1.22.3 release.

How Argento 1.22.3 helps your store in passing Core Web Vitals test

We constantly work on methods that make the page's main content load faster. With the default Magento 2 usually it is not easy to get a high page speed score due to a large amount of javascript. But the FID metric mentioned above requires JS optimization. With our regular improvements, the Argento template is on top of the fastest Magento 2 themes with dynamic content.

Plus as you know, our theme includes a Page Speed extension since the 1.15.0 release. With the module, it's easy to implement many image optimization techniques such as WebP images support, Lazy loading, prioritizing visible content, etc. Image optimization is a very powerful approach to improve Core Web scores. The method aims to achieve the perfect LCP measurement.

When it comes to trouble-free interacting and a good user experience on mobile devices that is also measured by the Google algorithm, the Argento template supports creating specific(AMP) pages for mobile devices. The built-in Accelerated Mobile Pages module, for now, passes all required tests related to frontend responsiveness. Yet on the next release, we are going to address Google Web Vitals improvements for mobile pages to a greater extent.

So what does the 1.22.3 release include?

The current release allows passing core vitals tests on the desktop for all Argento designs. We added updates to help the CLS metric benefit your store's online presence.

See the key improvements:

  • Added Lite YouTube Embed to use instead of YouTube iframe. With the feature the inserted video will load significantly faster.
  • Reduced cumulative layout shift on homepage caused by slider.
  • Reduced cumulative layout shift on category pages.
  • Fixed wrong sticky menu positioning after page length change.
  • Argento Mall: improved PageSpeed score: replaced video iframe on the homepage with Lite YouTube Embed
  • Argento Home: fixed visible scripts in product listing when MSRP enabled
  • Argento Luxury: fixed not-working customers also bought carousel inside a tab

In the last release, we also updated the following Argento modules: Ajax Pro 1.5.19, Ajax Search and Autocomplete 1.11.5, Attribute Brands Pages 1.3.7, Easy Slide 1.6.12, Navigation Pro 1.15.3, Page Speed 1.4.13, Prolabels 1.5.18, Review Reminder 1.1.9, SEO Templates 1.5.19, Sold Together 1.7.10.         

With Argento, we pay attention to all factors, and not only one metric of Google Web Vitals. However, we are gonna share with you one more trick for fast loading websites.

Introducing new technology to bring high speed

We are working on secret technology in our lab “Breeze”. Our goal is to make every Magento 2 site faster.

This is gonna be a module that works with all themes. The point is to replace the js stack with a custom one, that still works with the data-mage-init syntax but much simpler.

One simple module can bring Luma theme page speed to mobile 89 desktop 96 without any additional tweak! Would you believe it?

Wait for it. That will be a breakthrough for speeding up Luma and other Magento 2 templates.

We hope we've managed to show you how to prepare your site to pass Core Web Vitals performance. With the new Argento release, you improve your store step by step, which makes Google rank your website higher.

Stay tuned for the news. We keep working for you.

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