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M2 Breeze Magento 2 alternative JS frontend

Version 1.7.3 Release notes

Do you see the default Luma theme go slow? Would you like to speed up the Magento 2 frontend? We have a solution for you.

Our Breeze module offers Magento alternative js frontend. It makes your store 3 times faster. It brings your website closer to a high Google Page Speed score.

The goal of the Breeze module is to boost the default Luma theme performance via replacing all scripts with simplified versions. It results in a more dynamic interface of any Magento 2 frontend.

After testing our module on different pages we have achieved a reduced Full page Load time and Time to Interactive. Breeze gets smaller the total page size and total page requests.

Breeze supports Single-page application. You can turn on a turbo mode to accelerate and improve performance.

Notice: The free extension license allows for using the module for all stores with annual sales below 200 000 USD

Breeze Magento 2 alternative JS frontend demo:

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