The Breeze Evolution theme for Magento 2 is now available!

The Breeze Evolution theme for Magento 2 is now available!

A month ago, our team released a Breeze Blank theme that gives a second life to the Magento 2 frontend. It was in a good time, just because users are tired of the slow and outdated Luma template.

Therefore, we decided to offer an effective alternative - modern frontend with the greatest speed technologies. We often mention our Breeze-based solutions when it comes to better performance and the best possible user experience. And there is no time to give chances to various Magento 2 themes in case they don't result in Google Page Speed Score 95+. Otherwise, you can get poor website conversion rates, and the loss in revenue.

Today we came up with the new flawless Free Breeze Evolution theme. It is all about faster page loads and smooth development experience when creating Magento 2 websites.

Request your new Magento 2 front today

Before we say more about the new template, let’s think about why you need another frontend for Magento 2. Well, we'll figure it out.

What's wrong with the default Magento 2 theme?

  • Page loading time. The problem is CSS and JS loading.
  • Limits in configuration (no configurable checkout page, limits in changing fonts and customizing price display options).
  • Outdated functionality (no support for banner slider, poor content for About Us and Contact us pages). This and the previous items require hiring a custom developing service.
  • Extra investments into speed optimization.

So to succeed with your eCommerce site, you must focus on a fast website template with a modern design and customized options. What if it turns up to be free of charge? Luckily you have Breeze solutions ready to use. But later on, everybody will learn about the Evolution theme. Keep reading.

Look at Breeze Evolution as a good basis for a website

Our Breeze products were released to boost the Luma theme via replacing all scripts with simplified versions. And the Evolution theme is not an exception. The template's goal is to optimize Magento 2 website speed.

Breeze Evolution itself is a standalone theme and it doesn’t use the Luma or Blank theme as its parent theme. Breeze frontend causes a dramatic change in speed performance.

Let's speak numbers and well-known technologies:

  • Breeze Evolution's tiny size - 13kB of critical CSS and 8kB of deferred CSS.
  • Breeze Evolution is A11y friendly and optimized for Single Page Apps (SPA).
  • Breeze Evolution enables a Google Page Speed Score 98 for mobile.

Further in the article, it is considered why your site speed score matters. And now we reveal where our Magento 2 template is really useful.

Breeze Evolution is good both for simple and complex stores. The theme offers optimized images so even a store with complex images will load fast. The included Responsive images feature allows to serve the most suitable image size for the visitor’s specific devices. Start selling through multiple channels with the Breeze Evolution theme. We ensure your website will perfectly work on a phone, a laptop, or any other device.

The theme is a good basis for selling: clothes, books, shoes, accessories, furniture, medicines, food products, and electronics.

What if not using a faster frontend?

At the beginning of the article, we said that there's no time to give chances to various Magento 2 themes if they don't speed up your store. The big deal is the passing Core Web Vitals test and getting a high Google Pagespeed Insights score.

Core Web Vitals is a new ranking criteria starting in May 2021. "Core Web Vitals are a set of metrics that assess the user experience on criteria such as load performance, responsiveness to user input, and layout stability." Google made it the highest standard for performance and an important SEO factor that decides website success correspondingly. Minifying CSS and JS files are one of the ways to achieve a faster Core Web Vitals score.

Breeze Evolution template uses a different approach with critical CSS than a Luma-based theme. Critical CSS, CSS and JS bundling, SPA experience. All these improvements allow you to get Google Pagespeed Insights 98 score for the product page on mobile devices.

Google considers a page with a score over 90 as a fast page. A score under 50 is considered slow, and sites with scores between 50 and 90 are classified as what needs improvements.

Slow-loading websites lead to bad customer engagement, more shopping cart abandonment, and high bounce rates.

This is the answer to "What if not using a faster frontend?".

It’s time to say goodbye to the slow Luma theme

Now you have the Breeze Evolution frontend that can be used as a starter theme for your unique design. Our template simplifies the customization process that will help you to create a brand identity and win the competition.

Breeze theme uses a standard Magento theme structure that is well known to every developer. It makes the process of creating the new child theme effortless. It is possible to add your styles to the Breeze-based theme as well as add custom styles to the email templates.

Our template doesn’t override default Magento templates and layout instructions. Breeze theme is highly compatible with blank/luma modules out of the box, which means easier integration for existing modules.

Among advanced features you can see:

  • Tailwind 3.0 default color palette
  • Dark mode support
  • RTL Direction

Breeze design makes your pages lightweight and extremely fast. And the question "How to improve store performance" becomes irrelevant.

Learn more on the template product page and check theme demo.

That is so nice that we released such an effective alternative to the Luma template. We are waiting for comments from you about our new free Magento 2 theme.

8 thoughts on “The Breeze Evolution theme for Magento 2 is now available!”

  • Vladimir

    Wow! Just wow)
    I couldn't imagine that 100 score is possible. But it is.

  • Roberto

    Great theme! We are considering it for our next project. Can you please let us know what about third party modules compatibilities? Is that difficult to use modules from Amasty for example?

  • xubee

    Breeze is super awesome! but my question is which "Google Tag Manager" Module is compatible and recommended to use with the Swissup Breeze module? Please advise soon. Thank you.

    • Roman B.

      Thank you for your feedback. Right now we are checking third party modules that we can integrate.

  • sab adat

    i love your theme, super fast no junk code. keep it up but i have one issue with the breeze theme once you add a product to the cert, it displays a message but you need to scroll up to see the message specially on the mobile, the customer does not know if the product was added or not. unless scroll up. Can you help what code do i modify, in order the product was added the page scroll up automatically. Regards SAB

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