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M2 Breeze Evolution theme

Version 2.0.0 Release notes

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This extension is completely free to use. To install it please place free order on this module by clicking the download button and following the order process. After that please check the installation instructions given to you on the right side of the page. In case you want to download the manual package please log in to your account after placing the order and go to the ”Free products” menu. You can find installation and documentation instructions on our site. In case you have a problem or found a bug please open a ticket on our contacts page.

Have troubles with the relatively slow and outdated Luma theme? You do need an alternative frontend for Magento 2 store. You do need better performance and the best possible user experience. Look at the Breeze Evolution theme.

The template offers a modern frontend with the latest speed technologies. These results are impressive: Google Page Speed Score 98 for mobile, tiny size - 13kB of critical CSS and 8kB of deferred CSS. The big deal is the Breeze Evolution theme is free of charge. If you require a super-fast website with up-to-date options, check out the Evolution - a much more effective alternative to the Magento Luma theme.

Our template works for multi-purpose sites. You can use the new revolutionary frontend in bookstores, shoe shops, electronic shops, and grocery stores. The template follows the criteria for the best eCommerce site themes. Here is an elegant design with rounded shapes and contrasting forms. The newest UI trends will help you to improve your brand awareness and engage visitors.

Our Breeze products were released to optimize Magento 2 website speed, and the Evolution theme is not an exception. Its design makes your site lightweight and extremely fast. The template uses a different approach with critical CSS than a Luma-based theme. Theme CSS is written from scratch using LESS and automatically compiled by Magento. Breeze Evolution is A11y friendly and optimized for Single Page Apps (SPA).

Free Breeze Evolution theme is a standalone theme and it doesn’t use the Luma or Blank theme as its parent theme.

Breeze Evolution theme demo:

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