Waiting for Luma 2.0? No need, you're here for the Free Breeze Blank. Choose it to speed up your site.

Waiting for Luma 2.0? No need, you’re here for the Free Breeze Blank. Choose it to speed up your site.

Tired of getting better page speed for your Magento 2.0 Luma based store? You might have noticed a low conversion rate on your eCommerce site or more abandoned pages. The problem is about one big thing: page loading time.

Last time we talked about how website speed helps to win a sales rage. We shifted the focus away from speed techniques to the template solution only. Yes, that’s a big deal to boost your store with a theme optimized for speed.

Check out the new Magento 2 theme. Our main goal is to give Magento 2 a new simple default frontend that is fast and easy to manage. And it's completely free.

What’s a Breeze Blank theme about?

See how the theme developer pictures the new template: “Breeze Blank theme is a clean, super small, and fast theme for Magento 2 store. It is a standalone theme and it doesn’t use the Luma or Blank theme as its parent theme.”

Why do you have to choose the Breeze theme among many other free Magento 2 themes?

The template was designed to speed up your store frontend, and here's the thing. We made a decision to give a second life to the Magento 2 Luma frontend. We just know what makes the default theme slow. CSS and JS loading.

Breeze Blank theme uses a different approach with critical CSS than a Luma-based theme. Theme CSS is written from scratch using LESS and automatically compiled by Magento. We kept CSS as small as possible, and achieved 13kB of critical CSS and 9kB of icons, animations, and focus/hover effects.

When optimizing your eCommerce site for speed is your priority, choose the Breeze template to address possible concerns.

And of course, you’ve got a unique, modern design.

Breeze theme has a responsive and mobile-friendly design, so it will adjust perfectly for different screen designs. Plus a dark mode is available on mobile devices.

Key features of the fastest Free Magento 2 theme

The layout and template files were inherited from Magento core modules with a few modifications only. It makes it possible to easier integrate our modules and keep the same codebase for Luma-based and Breeze-based themes.

Among other features you can see:

  • Responsive images for all modern devices.
  • RTL Support.
  • CSS custom properties for all colors and animation definitions. This allows implementing prefers-reduced-motion and prefers-color-scheme media queries in just 1kB of CSS. See more examples of their technical implementation.
  • Tailwind 3.0 color palette. It is available to use as less variables so you can change theme colors with a few lines of code.

One more thing that matters is Breeze Theme uses our Breeze module. Let us recall a number of advantages you’ve got with the module.

Breeze theme and Breeze js frontend for faster Magento 2

In April 2021 we released the new JS frontend for Magento 2. The main purpose was to speed up Luma-based sites loading.

The Breeze module actually removes built-in JavaScript files and replaces them with its own implementation. Since the API of replaced components is almost the same, everything keeps working as before, but much faster. Here you can learn more about it.

We wanted to make Magento 2 fly. That's why we added the module to our SwissUpLabs extensions club. Many clients rated this solution highly. And it got us thinking what if to make the Breeze module Free.

"Breeze" performance enhancement is now available to everyone!

If you struggle to speed up your site, try Breeze products for Magento 2. See the results that our website shows when using Breeze frontend:

All right, we ask you again. What would you choose - abandoned pages or fast page loading and increased user engagement?

When the default Magento 2 Js / CSS can cause a significant delay in the speed of page loading, you know how to avoid it. Breeze products are the easiest way to speed up Magento 2 websites.

And this great information gives birth to even more great news because we decided to Make Breeze js frontend completely free. Download it from our site or Magento marketplace.

Please let us know if you are pleased with the post today. Thank you again for your comments.

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  • Nicolae Soanea

    Great news for the year to come! Maybe now we will be able to overpass all our speed problems!

  • Konrad

    Thank you for such great present for Magento community. I simply can't believe that you was able to get such page speed score on Magento 2 and made that theme free to use!

  • redfoxd

    Damn that is simply best present we got this Xmas. We will test it and in case it really works as described we will use it for our future Magento 2 projects.

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