Is Argento theme ready for performance improvements? We say Yes. New Page Speed module added.

Is Argento theme ready for performance improvements? We say Yes. New Page Speed module added.

Even if you spend hours thinking about how to improve your store speed, just a few stories can help you a little bit. But there is another way to look at it.

We have come with good news. In 1.15.0 release we've come with the integration that is gonna make your Magento 2 site the fastest.  

Read the article and take inspiration from the integration of the Page Speed module with the Argento theme.

What’s new in 1.15.0 release?

Let’s start from general enhancements to the Magento 2 Argento template.

Updates for Argento designs:

  • Argento Essence: improved sidebar products styles on mobile devices
  • Argento Stripes: fixed homepage banners styles
  • Argento Force: fixed missing reviews form at the product page on Magento 2.2.x
  • Argento Flat and Pure 2: enabled lazyload for brands slider

Updates related to best Argento work on mobile devices:

  • Improved toolbar sorter styles on mobile devices
  • Fixed distorted images on mobile devices

Updates for Magento 2 modules in Argento package

The following extensions were improved within 1.15.0 release: Ajax Pro, Ajax Search, AMP , Attribute Pages, Easy Tabs, GDPR, Hover Gallery, Navigation Pro, Seo Suite.

New Magento 2 speed extension added

Now Argento theme includes a Page Speed module to improve your site performance. The module is one of the best Magento 2 extensions to increase website speed. Its possibilities are endless:

  • Innovative Js bundling method
  • CSS delivery optimization
  • Prioritizing visible content
  • Catalog images compression
  • Lazy loading images technique
  • JavaScript, CSS, HTML minification
  • Adding expires headers
  • DNS-prefetch
  • WebP images support
  • Responsive images technique
  • HTTP/2 push server preload

To see more about what are you able to use the mentioned above features for, please visit the module page.

Cool news is that Page Speed module got the Magento 2 critical path CSS integrated since 1.3.8 release. The new feature is considered to bring a higher Google PageSpeed Insights score. Let's check it out together.


Well, you can see that the latest release makes Argento the Magento 2 fastest theme. You've got a new opportunity to engage with quickly and convert visitors maximum possible.

Summing up, we just want to ask you: What are some other features that you find effective and useful?

Please share in comments. We appreciate your feedback.

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