Add more functionality to your website with M1&M2 modules updated in July

Add more functionality to your website with M1&M2 modules updated in July.

This is an ongoing series of blog posts detailing what changes we made in modules for last month. Perhaps this post will provide you with some new criteria for improving your e-commerce website.

Continue to read to learn more what has been done to M1&M2 modules in July 2018.

New module release

reCaptcha released for Magento 2 is ready to use. This new extension is one of the best tools to eliminate spam on your Magento 2 site.

The module provides integration with Google reCAPTCHA service for protections forms on the following pages:

  • Contact Us page
  • Customer registration
  • Forgot password form
  • Checkout registration page
  • Product Questions discussion block
  • Testimonials submit form

There are much more options in a module. Go the reCaptcha module page see this.

Updates released to M2 modules

SEO Suite 0.11 release points out that it is time to use hreflang tags for multilingual website.

New module Region and Language URLs was included into the kit. It will help you to tell Google that you have multilingual and/or multi-regional store.

Note: please, do not forget to run php bin/Magento module: enable Swissup_Hreflang to enable new module.

Some other modules from the SEO Suite package were updated last month.

Rich Snippets:

  • Fix missing breadcrumbs data at product pages in Magento 2.2.4+ instances.
  • Fix possible notice at product page with the grouped product (undefined variable: groupedProductsPricesArray).


  • Rename config section ‘Urls’ => ‘SEO URLs’.
  • Integration with new module “Regional URLs (hreflang)”.

FireCheckout 1.12 keeps getting improved day by day to help your customers complete the order. Among the new changes you can see:

  • Many customization utilities.
  • New use cases were added to FireCheckout docs.

To find out more about all updates, please read What's new to FireCheckout module to help users complete the order post. The information will definitely be useful for building amazing checkout experience.

Ajax Pro 1.3.0 brings new features and improvements:

  • Added slide mode for modal dialog
  • Added floating cart widget
  • Added new dialog type like a mini cart

  • Fix priceBox bug
  • Add refresh shipping methods patch
  • Fix override modal widget bug
  • Add ajaxpro product view +swatches at homepage integration
  • Cart-sidebar widget was added
  • Fix ESlint and jscs code style warnings

We added the translation files to Customer field manager 1.0.1, GeoIp 1.0.4, Address Autocomplete 1.0.8 modules.

Address field manager 1.3.1 updates are:

  • Translation file updated
  • Fixed missing custom address fields in Billing Address form when it’s rendered below payment methods
  • Fixed Invalid fields sort order in Billing Address form when it’s rendered below payment methods

Easy Banner 1.2.3 has got fixed possible error on bundle product pages.

Facebook Like button 1.1.3 release includes the overall JavaScript improvements (load Facebook SDK only it is necessary, better utilization of Magento RequireJS functionality).

Ajax Layered Navigation 1.2.3 improvements are:

  • Improved ajax request configuration
  • Added getAttributeCode method for filter
  • Fixed replaceWith+IE(
  • Fixed file permissions

Delivery Date 1.1.4 has got an improved compatibility with third-party modules. You can also see a properly hide delivery date section if it’s invisible.

Checkout Success 1.2.0 changes are:

  • Stability improvements in PHP code
  • New variables added into Miscellaneous scripts:
  • {{orderBillingAddress}}
  • {{orderShippingAddress}}

Checkout Vat 1.0.5 comes with fixed missing tooltip in Billing Address form when it’s rendered below payment methods.

Updates released to M1 modules

FireCheckout 4.3.4 comes with the following improvements:

  • Magento compatibility. Fixed redirect to homepage when a customer is registered during checkout.
  • Pook_CollectInStore integration added
  • Advanced Checkout Success module updated to the latest version.

GDPR 1.0.1 has got an improved compatibility with old PHP versions. There are also added missing translations.

Page Speed 1.3.3 brings small bug fixes and the updated tm/defer-css.

Advanced checkout success page 2.0.8 has got fixed invalid timezone when showing a delivery date information.

You see we're constantly working to improve the functionality of our modules. We strongly believe you will enjoy the website improvement ideas based on new modules' features.

We also ask for your assistance in creating new features. Please write in comments what else you need at your website functions to get more effective e-commerce store.

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