1.12 & 4.3.4 releases. See what's new to FireCheckout module to help users complete the order

1.12 & 4.3.4 releases. See what's new to FireCheckout module to help users complete the order.

Do you know what the FireCheckout clients say? They say that using the extension for last years the results are great! And if what they say is true, we would need to sit down and stop the improving the module. Luckily we don't take such decisions. Instead, we still have lots of news to tell you about our favorite one step checkout module.

Nowadays, the checkout page becomes so comfy, visitors won't want to leave. It's a joke; of course, they complete their order.

So, if you want to see the updates in Fire Checkout 1.12 & 4.3.4 releases, keep reading.

FireCheckout for Magento

FireCheckout 4.3.4 module’s version becomes more friendly to users who want to add "Collect in store" as an option in the checkout billing section. So, you can see we have integrated with Pook_CollectInStore extension.  

Here you can also see the other changes:

  • Magento compatibility. Fixed redirect to the homepage when a customer is registered during checkout.
  • Checkout Success module updated to the latest version.

FireCheckout for Magento 2

FireCheckout 1.12.0 brings more functionality to the advanced users and developers who like to customize the checkout page.

Most customizations can be done using utilities:

Custom field validator

Customized field labels, placeholders, and sizes. Dependent fields are used for 'Use Bussiness Address' checkbox.

  • FieldManager that allows changing field Label, Placeholder, CSS class, apply formatter, validator, and much more.
  • DependentFields utility that allows to set up dependencies between fields. You can show or hide some field when other field/fields values match some condition.
  • FieldWatcher utility will help you to implement any specific logic with custom js functions.

You have also the ability to add custom CSS and JS directly from a configuration page.

The new release also provides new use cases and checkout examples to help you optimize your checkout process:

Another important thing for optimizing a checkout page is fixing a bug. So, here they are:

  • Fixed constantly checked ‘My billing and shipping address are the same’ checkbox, when Billing address is rendered below payment methods
  • See ‘Modules Updated’ section for more bugfixes.

As you know, the FireCheckout is extended via custom Magento 2 modules. Some of them were updated this time.

Address Field Manager — 1.3.1

  • Fixed missing custom address fields in Billing Address form when it’s rendered below payment methods
  • Fixed Invalid fields sort order in Billing Address form when it’s rendered below payment methods.

Checkout Success — 1.2.0

  • Stability improvements in PHP code
  • New variables added into Miscellaneous scripts:
  • {{orderBillingAddress}}
  • {{orderShippingAddress}}

Checkout Vat — 1.0.5

  • Fixed missing tooltip in Billing Address form when it’s rendered below payment methods

Plus, we added the translation files to all built-in modules.

Given how critical are checkout pages for all website managers, we always keep improving the FireCheckout both for Magento and Magento 2 stores. Being the best at the list of Magento one step checkout modules, FireCheckout extension ensures the checkout page experience is fast and easy for your visitors.

By the way, what do you think about FireCheckout results in your store? Share your thoughts with us.

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