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Advanced Checkout Success Page

Version 2.0.8 Release notes

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The end of a checkout process is not the end of purchase, indeed. There is one more effective trick to get your customer back to the store again. Magento order confirmation page can be a part of successful marketing strategy. Any kind of additional content can be shown there: impressive video, cross-selling goods, polls, social network links, invitation to use a promo code or attractive promotional banners.

What’s a secret of placing informative content on Thank you page? Advanced Checkout Success Page module! It aims to help you to customize Magento success page with ease.

See what you can do:

  • Add 4 CMS blocks directly to the order confirmation page.
  • Enable a quick customer registration on success page.
  • Show more offerings available in your store to the same user.
  • Motivate the customers stay longer on a website.
  • Make the Magento success page guaranteed for the feedback.
  • Improve user after-checkout experience.
  • Increase a customer loyalty and maximise a revenue.

Magento Advanced Checkout Success Page module works well with FireCheckout and default Magento checkout extensions.

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All extensions for $79
10 activations included