See 12 updates you may start using from the new Argento 1.24 release

See 12 updates you may start using from the new Argento 1.24 release

How to get visitors to enjoy shopping at your site? How to achieve a better page load, and build a fast and friendly store?

Well, that’s precisely what we help you do on your website with the Argento template. And the last theme version includes the right resource to improve the performance. We've added the Breeze module to the default Argento installation.

Read more about the 1.24 release updates.

Breeze Alternative JS Frontend module added

In many of our posts, we wrote about the importance of passing the Google Core Web Vitals test and getting a light-weight JS frontend for Magento 2.

And since the 1.22.8 release, our Argento theme has become compatible with the Breeze extension, thereby aiming to improve the performance of your site.

The Breeze module is now included in the default Argento installation. That means you will easily create the fastest frontend for your Magento 2 store after a few clicks only.

Other improvements for Argento 1.24 version

  • Added ability to display a link to parent item in breadcrumbs.
  • Smoother popup animation.
  • Fixed error on category pages: call to a member function getState() on null.
  • Argento Flat and Pure: fixed possible incorrect sticky header position (bottom of the page).

Updates for Argento theme modules

Ajax Pro — 1.5.25 (was 1.5.23)

  • Added Breeze integration
  • Fixed image src is an undefined error in add to cart animation
  • Fixed missing popup for configurable products on the cart page

Ajax Search — 1.11.11 (was 1.11.9)

  • Fixed error elasticsearchFulltextSearchCollectionFactory does not exist
  • Reduced response size for suggestions when search for CMS pages enabled
  • Added View All link

Askit — 1.10.2 (was 1.10.1)

  • Fixed js error: ‘Unable to process bindings’
  • Fixed access to an undefined property
  • Fixed error: cannot instantiate Zend_Filter_Interface in graphql area

Attribute Pages — 1.4.2 (was 1.4.1)

  • Added instruction on what to do when no attributes were found to use for the new page

EasySlide — 1.6.16 (was 1.6.15)

  • Using attribute loading=” lazy” instead of data-src

Easy Banners — 1.7.3 (was 1.6.1)

  • Prevent possibility to create duplicate popups
  • Improve banner options readability
  • Don’t show popup banner if the cookie is not writable

Easytabs — 1.9.12 (was 1.9.11)

  • Fixed poorly working scroll to review tab when clicking on link
  • PWA integration: added GraphQl schema

GDPR — 1.4.7 (was 1.4.5)

  • Breeze: prevent js error when google-analytics is disabled
  • Breeze: fixed not working ‘Delete My Data’ button

Navigation Pro — 1.15.12 (was 1.15.11)

  • Fixed uniqid bug in GraphQl schema
  • Fixed access to undefined property warnings

Pagespeed — 1.4.25 (was 1.4.21)

  • Removed Swissup_Marketplace module dependency
  • Fixed blown up critical CSS Textarea at system config
  • Removed duplicate cwebp checking
  • Added config option for image optimizer timeout

ProLabels — 1.6.5 (was 1.6.4)

  • Fixed incorrect 0 in label text when #attr:attr_code# used and attr_code for product is null

Review Reminder — 1.1.10 (was 1.1.9)

  • Use simple product images for configurable products in email

SEO Suite

swissup/module-seo-core — 1.3.4 (was 1.3.3)

  • Remove % from slugified string since it causes a problem for SEO Images

swissup/module-hreflang — 1.4.6 (was 1.4.5)

  • Don’t add hreflang item for a product when the product isn't assigned to the item’s website
  • Integration with Magefan_Blog module

swissup/module-seo-images — 1.3.13 (was 1.3.12)

  • Improved module stability

We were happy to share with you the updates and fixes we had added to the 1.24 release. The latest version of our premium Magento 2 theme solves the problem of boosting your website performance. You just have to use all features we design for the Argento template.

Stay tuned for more.

As always, we are open to suggestions on different ways to enhance Argento. Go to comments, drop us a line.

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