Improve Magento 2 mobile website performance with Breeze and Argento updates

Improve Magento 2 mobile website performance with Breeze and Argento updates.

As developers, we get a lot of plans. And we promised you we’d include the Breeze module to the Argento package. The Argento 1.22.8 release is ready to use, because we have kept our promise.

Cool, and it's not the only one news for today. New Breeze version is available. Read ahead to know more.

Breeze updates

With Breeze 1.1.1 you can expect even better store performance.

As you may remember, we released the Breeze module to help you create the fastest frontend for your Magento 2 website. This is accomplished by replacing JS scripts with simplified versions. When installing the module, it removes all custom and third-party scripts, which makes your site lightweight and fast.

In the last Breeze version we added:

  • Improved flexibility of bundled components for better third-party modules integration.
  • Component inheritance implemented.
  • Small fixes in js components.
  • $.async function added.
  • Stability improvements.
  • Fixed not working gallery when picture tag is used.
  • Fixed gallery functionality when sizes/srcset attribute is found in the img tag.
  • Fixed js errors when defer js is enabled in the Pagespeed module.

Some of our clients have already tested the Breeze module. They submit: “Page speed score looks really amazing!”

Argento updates for Magento 2 page load time

When optimizing the Argento theme for the best performance and rankings, we dreamt to do it Breeze-friendly.

Since the 1.22.8 release, the Argento theme is compatible with Breeze.

  • We added Breeze integration to all designs and other bundled modules.
  • We improved critical CSS styles.
  • We made all javascript features available except for the Ajax Pro module.

Look at other Argento modules' updates:

Ajax Search — 1.11.6 (was 1.11.5)

  • Fixed PHP error on MagentoCommerce and MagentoB2B versions.

Highlight — 1.7.9 (was 1.7.7)

  • Fixed not working category filter when using ajax pagination.
  • Fixed not working widget conditions.

Navigation Pro — 1.15.8 (was 1.15.4)

  • Fixed not working sticky component.
  • Fixed incorrect dropdown height on mobile devices when using Stacked or Amazon menus.

Pagespeed — 1.4.17 (was 1.4.16)

  • Fixed broken HTML when using a critical CSS feature.

ProLabels — 1.6.1 (was 1.5.18)

  • Added ability to place content labels across many page locations.

The results you should expect

With the Breeze and Page Speed modules enabled the Argento theme-based sites should have:

  • 80+ on mobile performance on Google PageSpeed Insights.
  • 95+ on desktop performance on Google PageSpeed Insights.
  • 90+ on mobile page speed in case you have good hosting.

Let's take the example of the Force design. We achieved the following improvements in performance:

Force default with Pagespeed module configured

  • Fully Loaded Time 2.0s
  • Total Page Size - 1.20MB
  • JS 502KB
  • Total Page Requests - 60

Force Breeze with Pagespeed module configured

  • Fully Loaded Time 1.2s
  • Total Page Size - 841KB
  • JS 111KB
  • Total Page Requests - 31

The results are striking. It's a start, right?

We continue working on the page load time of the Argento theme and Breeze module. There are lots of ideas that would be great to introduce in a segment of the Magento 2 speed optimization.

We've been working on a new Breeze release with the support of configurable products. So, just a few more days, and expect "Done."

Your comments would be much appreciated. We hope to have more speed features ready for your store.

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