March 2021 monthly report with the software updates for the site's excellent performance.

March 2021 monthly report with the software updates for the site's excellent performance.

And now the holidays are over, perhaps you can get back to your business tasks. Introducing the new updates for your eCommerce site.

We've prepared for you the list of features and fixes to help you improve your business website. Some changes make your site load faster. Other modifications make your store compatible with the latest Magento 2 trends.

Continue to read and use software updates to stay on the top of sites ranked high by user experience performance.

Argento theme updates

One of the greatest news for March 2021 was the Argento 1.22.3 release. Guess why?

We consider it as a leap towards the Google Web Vitals test. In case you don't know the point of this Google report, we offer to learn more with official Google support.

In the discussion on how to prepare your Magento 2 store to pass the test, you will see the key features we've added to Argento 1.22.3.

The main thing you have to know - our premium Magento 2 theme will make outstanding contributions to the high ranking of your site:

  • Page speed improvements
  • Up to date Magento 2 features
  • Designs for different customer segments

By the way, if you still haven't seen our new design ideas, please have a look. Waiting for comments!

And in March, we added one more 1.22.4 release for the Argento theme. It is about:

  • Updated critical CSS styles in all themes.
  • Minor speed improvements to the header mini cart dropdown.
  • Fixed jumping product image at product page while the page is loading.
  • Fixed cookie wall blinks while the page is loading.

Magento 2 module updates

Let’s start with the new options for our extensions.

Thus we added a reminder email unsubscribe feature to the Review Reminder 1.1.9 version. Now your customers can unsubscribe from getting follow-up emails.

With the Recaptcha 1.3.15 release, you can reset ReCaptcha on the frontend when the token expires. The module prevents sending of submitted invalid tokens. We’ve also improved the compatibility with Magento 2.1.x as well as third-party modules.

To the Navigation Pro 1.15.3 version we added the loading=lazy attribute to the megamenu image placeholders. This option for optimizing images makes your store pages faster.

The Easy Slider 1.6.12 release includes 2 new options. We added “Center slide” and “Slide Max width” for slider Edit form. Using these options you can reduce cumulative layout shift (CLS) in Google Pagespeed.

The following Magento 2 modules have got some improvements and fixes.

GDPR 1.4.1, 1.4.2

  • Show accepted cookie group titles instead of group ids on the account page.
  • Fixed invalid ‘updated_at’ value when client consents get updated.
  • Better compatibility with the Athlete theme

Page speed 1.4.14

  • Added syntax highlighter to the “Advanced bundling” and “Default critical CSS” config options.
  • Decreased layout shifts when using image lazy load feature.
  • Fixed now working WebP images when original IMAGE has only src attribute.
  • Added ability to use {{pagespeed_asset_url}} in critical css. This feature allows you to include font or background urls as shown below: src: url('/fonts/opensans/light/opensans-300.woff2') format('woff2');

Sold together 1.7.10

  • Fixed poorly ordered SoldTogether items at product edit form in Magento Admin.
  • Translations: add missing phrases; fixed not working js translation for a message when options aren’t selected.
  • Don’t render the “Frequently bought together” block when it is disabled or empty.
  • Further ADA-related improvement - better ScreenReader experience.
  • Carousel template (customers also bought) - initialize carousel only when jsLayout is set.
  • graphql improvements.

Lightbox Pro 1.3.2 has got a decreased layout shift when thumbnails are placed on the left side of the image.

Prolabels 1.5.18 version comes with the improved JavaScript minification potential.

Attributes page 1.3.7 version fixes a few minor bugs.

That’s it for this monthly updates roll-up. We keep working for you. New features are coming in April. Stay tuned.

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