Start using 18 enhancements for the Magento 2 website released in February, 2022

Start using 18 enhancements for the Magento 2 website released in February, 2022

Do a few steps to take control of good user experience at your ecommerce site. Is it as hard as you think? No. You just have to update your website with the improvements we released for you in February, 2022.

Here is the monthly report we write on a regular basis. Below you’ll find 18 enhancements for Magento 2 themes and modules. Make them work for your store.

Updates for Free Magento 2 theme

You might have read about the Breeze Blank - Free Magento 2 template. In case you’ve still not been trying our fastest Magento 2 theme, do it right now.

If you’re already resolved a problem of slow page load with Breeze, here you can see some improvements of the recent release:

Breeze Blank 0.11, 0.12

  • Improved chevron position in collapsible layered navigation filters.
  • Added ability to wrap product thumbnails to the new line instead of overflowed scrolling.
  • Fixed video centering at product page gallery.
  • Added minimalistic email styles. We’ve taken Magento/blank email structure as a base, so you will find it super easy to integrate with existing blank/luma customizations. See the tutorial on how to add email customizations from the child theme.
  • Improve bundle product details at order view page.

Updates for Magento 2 alternative frontend

Breeze Js 1.9.2, 1.10

  • Added critical images preloading. This feature decreases the time of Largest Contentful Paint. No additional actions are required to activate this feature.
  • Added “Use CSS critical path” config option support. Activate it at Stores > Configuration > Advanced > Developer > CSS Settings > Use CSS critical path.
  • Added js chunking mechanism that improves page load time on slow internet connections. No additional actions are required to activate this feature.
  • Slightly improve JS and HTML minification.

In our previous article we talked a lot about How our free modern frontend works. Read it to get the most out of creating fast and effective user experience in your Magento 2 store.

Updates for Magento 2 extensions

Prolabels 1.6.15-1.6.16

  • Improve module stability. Prevent fatal error about supplying null when ProductInterface expected. Error occurs when a grouped product has no assigned products.
  • Improvements for out of stock labels. Out of stock label shows up when all children of the main product have disabled backorder, are out of stock or have qty lower/equal zero.
  • Model\Stock::getIsInStock method deprecated. Use isInStock instead.
  • Fixed broken db_schema: The attribute ‘length’ is not allowed.
  • Fixed visible out of stock label when product is available for purchase because backorders enabled.

Easytabs 1.9.21

  • Use declarative schema. Add schema whitelist. Add a data patch. Schema scripts are obsolete.
  • Magento Coding Standards fix - avoid using self-closing tags.

Easy banner 1.7.9

  • Fixed not working banner mass actions in Magento 2.3
  • Disable statistics for new banners by default.
  • Magento Coding Standard fixes.

Checkout fields 1.6.0

  • Added ability to filter orders grid by checkout field values.
  • Significant performance improvements in backend orders grid when orders table is big (Depends on server capabilities, ~50K-200K orders).
  • Magento Coding Standard fixes.

Delivery Date and Time 1.7.1

Navigation Pro 1.6.18

  • Fixed error in backend pagebuilder when widget in page content is used.
  • Fixed broken drag-n-drop in the backend tree.
  • Breeze: fixed dropdown content overflow when vertical direction is used.
  • Breeze: fixed css issue on checkout success page.

Ajax Pro 1.6.2

  • Fix: cache key info for configurable product block (#36)
  • Breeze: fixed not working configurable and bundle products in the add to cart popup
  • Add ajaxpro_add_checkout_cart handle to default.xml
  • Fix: ‘customer-data-reload’ event behavior on breeze theme.

Recaptcha 1.4.2

  • Recaptcha on checkout. Fixed recaptcha js error when applied 100% order discount and no payment required. Error said that Google reCAPTCHA already rendered this element.
  • Fixed weirdest bug ever with Magento Paypal on checkout. Bug description: after passing the recaptcha button for “In context paypal” doesn’t react on clicks.

The Helpdesk 1.2.23 and Ajax Layered Navigation 1.3.44 extensions got some fixes.

If there was ever a time to improve your eCommerce site with the new functionality, it is now. We shared with you the enhancements we had released in February. Start using them to maximize your website effectiveness.

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