Where to get a fast frontend for a website? Check for answers and 20+ module updates made in March 2022

Where to get a fast frontend for a website? Check for answers and 20+ module updates made in March 2022.

Here’s how to enhance your eCommerce website using the right template and effective eCommerce tools. We came up with updates for Magento 2 themes and extensions. Use them to speed up your website, add better functionality and deliver the best possible user experience.

We're going to show you the new alternative to the Luma template, the new feature to promote products in cross-sell blocks, and 15+ other improvements. Let's get started.

Free Breeze Evolution template

The new theme release makes us feel proud. When someone's asking you what to do about the website loading slowly, you have a solution now.

The new more effective Magento 2 frontend is ready to use. Breeze Evolution template is a part of innovative Breeze tools which deliver the fastest experience for your visitors.

Minified CSS, JS, and optimized images - are a neat way to boost the performance and get high Google Page Speed Insights score afterward. The Breeze Evolution is still more than reduced JavaScript file sizes. The template includes fantastic features that come along with modern design:

  • Tailwind 3.0 default color palette
  • Dark mode support
  • RTL Direction
  • A11y friendly
  • Optimized for Single Page Apps (SPA)

Are your customers still complaining about slow Luma pages load? You should request the new front for your store.

In the article, we revealed the risks possibly facing your website if not using the right fast template. Time to say goodbye to Luma, and announce progress for your Magento 2 site.

Argento 1.28 release

Argento theme is well-known for its great designs, implemented speed technologies, and built-in modules. The latest release offers a few tweaks for SoldTogether block styles and the following updates for Argento Home theme:

  • Move SoldTogether styles to separate file
  • Use default SoldTogether icon

By the way, we also updated 15 Magento 2 modules that come in the package. You can see the fixes and improvements below.

Ajax Pro — 1.6.1 (was 1.5.33)

  • Fixed not-working quick view on CMS pages
  • Don’t show popup after checkout cart delete action
  • Put floating cart behind modals
  • Do not show the quick view button on touch devices
  • Fixed name overlapping price in floating cart

Ajax Search — 1.11.16 (was 1.11.14)

  • Prevent sending empty search request
  • Reset disabled button when folded mode is used
  • Added Breeze theme integration

Askit — 1.11.1 (was 1.10.6)

  • Proper spinner centering
  • Breeze Theme integration added

Breeze — 1.9.0 (was 1.8.1)

  • Fixed configurable price update on product page on Argento Stripes theme
  • Fixed missing background in fullscreen product gallery
  • Allow to create nested view components
  • Fixed js error when reCaptcha is enabled in product review form
  • Fixed “getTemplate” error when third-party component is not available
  • Improved page reload logic when merged css is found on the page

EasySlide — 1.6.25 (was 1.6.24) has the added Breeze Theme integration.

Easytabs — 1.9.18 (was 1.9.17) has the added Breeze Theme integration.

GDPR — 1.4.11 (was 1.4.10) comes with some fixes.

Hover Gallery — 1.3.10 (was 1.3.9) has the added Breeze Theme integration.

Navigation Pro — 1.16.3 (was 1.16.1)

  • Fixed dropdown height when using Amazon menu type
  • Fixed layout shift caused by slideout menu
  • Added Breeze Theme integration

Pagespeed — 1.5.2 (was 1.4.27)

  • Don’t defer CSS loader script (fixed pagespeedCss is not defined error)
  • Improved image service generators
  • Replaced \Zend\Dom with \Laminas\Dom
  • Fixed error strlen expects parameter 1 to be string

ProLabels — 1.6.13 (was 1.6.12) has the added Breeze Theme integration.

Quantity Switcher — 1.1.11 (was 1.1.10) has the added Breeze Theme integration.

SEO Suite

swissup/module-seo-urls — 1.5.30 (was 1.5.29)

  • Fixed unable to change attribute/option label when identical label exists for other store view

Sold Together — 1.7.17 (was 1.7.16)

  • CSS fixes for better look at Argento Home and Marketplace themes
  • Replaced blurry ‘plus’ image with svg icon
  • Added Breeze Theme integration
  • Fixed too small item width on mobile view

Testimonials — 1.3.1 (was 1.2.18)

  • Added Breeze integration
  • Added graphql support

Updates for Magento 2 extensions

Firecheckout 1.28.9


Updates for Checkout Fields module:

  • Added filters by custom checkout fields in order grid
  • Significant performance boost for stores with large order count with custom checkout fields.

Updates for Checkout Registration module:

  • Fixed possible “Invalid state change” error at initial page load.

Sold together 1.8.0 

  • New feature - promote products in the “Frequently bought together” block. You can set a discount for the linked product. [a]
  • Improved admin interface at editing product form to maintain linked products.
  • Performance improvements for better client experience with your store.

Breeze Blank  0.12.2, 1.0.3

We added new LESS variables to improve customization abilities. Among other improvements and fixes you can see:

  • Added store contact information in the top panel above the header.
  • Added GoogleMaps widget support inserted with Magento Pagebuilder.
  • Much more variables in .less files.
  • Fixed js bundles deployment in Commerce Cloud environment.
  • Fixed minor CSS issues with various Swissup modules.

Breeze Js  1.11, 1.11.1, 1.11.4 

  • Allow deploying bundles without DB connection (Cloud Commerce).
  • Fixed unformatted prices in custom options and configurable dropdowns.
  • Fixed js error when a product doesn’t have images.
  • Better gallery styles.

Well, now there is no more to be said: start enhancing your eCommerce store with updates released in March 2022.

We would be glad to hear your opinions about our modules and themes. Your ideas for improvements are always helpful. Share them in the comments below.

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