15 Magento 2 layered navigation modules available to use in 2018

15 Magento 2 layered navigation modules available to use in 2018

Well, we see you liked our previous post about Best Magento 2 Ajax Cart modules. We ended up picking up a lot of other Magento 2 modules extremely important for the navigation through the store.

As you know a navigation is a key component of a successful e-commerce website. Today we'll pay attention to the layered navigation. By improving this approach you reduce time spent on filtering product attributes thus getting users more satisfied with your site usability.

Keep reading to know more about 15 advanced layered navigation modules for Magento 2.

Magento 2 layered navigation

What do we know about the default layered navigation possibilities in Magento 2? Let’s see:

  • The default navigation includes a “Shop By” list of categories and price range.
  • You can split each price range in intervals.
  • You can configure every product attribute to show the number of matching records found.
  • Users can choose only 1 filter option, hence they can not select several filters at once.

Is it enough to have a basic Magento 2 layered navigation set up in your store? We don’t think so. So, let’s check out the extensions for Magento 2 that offer a set of functionality improvements to enhance a layered navigation at your website.

As earlier, we’ll mention additional features shortly and the total cost, including installation fee. So, it will be easy for you to choose the cost-effective solution.

Magento 2 custom layered navigation modules list

M2 Ajax Layered Navigation by SwissUpLabs

The module brings a list of filters to help your visitors search and get the favorite products with ease: “New”, “On Sale” and “Stock” filters, and “Rating” filter. Provides the all-products page feature that allows users to see all items with the appropriate filter on the same page instead of going around a store. Ability to use round style framed color options. Enables entering the option name in search line directly in the layered navigation block.

What else is different

Sticky layered navigation. Amazon-like category list style option. Comes with price attribute slider. Friendly for mobile. Free installation. Total cost 79$. Find out more.

Mageplaza layered navigation for Magento 2

The layered navigation module by Mageplaza includes Ajax Loading feature. Provides the layered navigation multiple select. A price slider allows users to drag & drop the bar on the slider to filter the price ranges as they need. There's also an ability to filter a product based on the product status and filter the items by the options.

What else is different

Add-on rating filter. Total cost with installation is 149$. Meanwhile, the company offers Professional and Ultimate module versions that include much more features.

Layered Navigation by AheadWorks

The layered navigation module by AheadWorks delivers improved navigation experience via an ability to choose several attributes values within the same filter. You are also allowed to enable the Show X items pop-over that will be displayed upon each individual attribute selection. Thus you can show the number of products matching the selected attributes and attribute options.

What else is different

Allows you to show brands in the layered navigation. Free installation. Total cost 249$.

Advanced Layered Navigation by Webkul

The layered navigation module by Webkul provides AJAX based filtering when navigating. Improves a product search by allowing customers to group the products using multiple attributes. Ability to display current selection directly in search box. Allows customers enter the desired keywords and find products quickly.

What else is different

Slider control Price selection. Total cost is 46,8$.

Improved Layered Navigation by Amasty

The layered navigation module by Amasty supports vertical and horizontal navigation menu with Ajax layered navigation filters. Includes 5 display modes (labels, drop-down, images, images, and labels, text swatches) depending on filter specifics. Provides "Shop by Brand" functionality. ‘On Sale’, ‘New’, ‘Rating’ and ‘Stock’ filters are available to apply.

What else is different

All-products page. Informative tooltips. Customizable URL alias for filter options. Total cost is 398$.

Advanced Layered Navigation by Mage Delight

The layered navigation module by Mage Delight enables the display of filters with numerous options equipped with scrolling. Allows setting custom size scrolling to display filter options. Enables the display of complete filters list on the ‘All products’ page. Supports automatically expandable sidebar menu and AJAX loading technology.

What else is different

Ability to set Robots Meta tags, canonical URLs, next previous page tags etc. from admin configurations. Total cost is 348$.

Ajax layered navigation and Price Slider by Mango Extensions

The layered navigation module by Mango Extensions includes a Price slider that supports touchscreen. Ability to show filter options as checkboxes. A horizontal filters block will be shown together with the default layered navigation block. You are allowed to expand or collapse filter blocks. Thus you can select and leave filters that relevant to customers and will be expanded by default. Ajax support.

What else is different

Tooltips are shown next to the filter title. Total cost is 69$.

Layered Navigation by CMSmart

The layered navigation module by CMSmart enables search by product attributes. Supports ajax loading page. Ability to apply custom In / Out of Stock filters. Includes a price slider. You are allowed to set the number of filter results that will be shown when a user clicks on filter name. The layered navigation is easy to use on mobile devices. Reset filter option is available.

What else is different

Two modes to display filters. Provides an advanced categories menu. Total cost is 80$.

Ajax Layered Navigation by M-Connect

The layered navigation module by M-Connect provides a complete attribute layered filters menu powered by ajax. Includes color swatches and price slider. The filters can be shown up in Vertical or Horizontal view. "Stock" and "Rating" are available. The module allows clearing all the attributes or few attributes under ‘Now Showing By’ after product search.

What else is different

The error message will be shown for out of range price input. Total cost is 209$.

Layered Navigation & Product Filter Extension by Plumrocket

The layered navigation module by Plumrocket supports all the product attributes and custom options. Provides the display of layered navigation in different locations on the page. Two filter modes are available. The layered navigation multi-select can be shown in the top toolbar or left sidebar. Easy to use module configuration page. Supports layered navigation filtering on Magento 2 search page.

What else is different

Admin can create custom filters, group filter attributes, set sort order and change title of attribute groups. Total cost is 199$.

Layered Navigation by BSSCommerce

The layered navigation module by BSSCommerce makes it easy to find items based on category, price range, or any other available attribute. Product filters can be shown in flexible product attribute display modes: checkbox, dropdown, visual swatch, text swatch. Price range slider is included. Includes a "Rating" filter. Supports Ajax approach for fast loading speed.

What else is different

Provides a mobile-friendly layered navigation. Free installation. Total cost is 59$.

Layered Navigation by Mirasvit

The layered navigation module by Mirasvit includes "New", "On Sale", "Stock" and "Rating" filters. You can show the filter block both horizontally and vertically. Filters can be either hidden or visible. Provides the display of small images to illustrate each option instead of a text. For instance, you can replace brand names with brand logos. Ajax supported.

What else is different

Allows adding SEO-friendly URLs in filters. Free installation. Total cost 149$.

Improved Layered Navigation Pro by MageBees

The layered navigation module by MageBees enables the display of layered navigation top filters in a sidebar and in horizontal boxes and horizontal dropdown. Provides various modes for category display. Thus you can show categories in a dropdown, with sub categories or static 2-level category tree with collapse/expand controls. "Rating" and "Stock" filters are available.

What else is different

Ability to specify custom meta tags for pages with selected attributes as well as to set a custom URL alias for filter options. Total cost 188$.

Ajax Layered Navigation by Bootsgrid

The layered navigation module by Bootsgrid allows visitors to filter products by multiple attributes. The filter results will be shown at once without any page reloads. Allows creating a separate brand page with a handy A-Z filter. You can also show brands as the visual swatch or text swatch to allow users view products by brand. Includes price range slider.

What else is different

Compatible with each Magento 2 responsive theme. Free installation. Total cost 149$.

Layered Navigation by Land of Coder

The layered navigation module by Land of Coder supports a multi-select option. Enables layered navigation on homepage and CMS pages. Allows visitors to see the price and other product information: available quantity, colors, size, category, shape in the radio or checkbox modes. Includes remove filter option, price slider, and numeric filter. Supports Ajax technology.

What else is different

RTL support. Total cost 149$.

In a summary

The navigation is a crucial part of a website. Once you focus your attention on different navigation aspects, a customer positive feedback will be forthcoming. Enjoy other interesting articles about navigation:

All mentioned above Magento 2 module providers are trusted by thousands of customers. If you want to share your opinion about your personal experience, please comment.

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