Best Magento 2 Ajax Cart modules to be used in 2019 and later

Best Magento 2 Ajax Cart modules to be used in 2019 and later

Today, we are beginning an absolutely new cycle of posts. We know how difficult is to choose the module most suitable to your website challenges. This time let us take the lead in your agony of choosing. We are going to discuss the most popular Magento and Magento 2 extensions across the market. Hope that will help sway your decision.

What’s on tap for today? Ajax Add to Cart functionality will be always required. Thus we will consider 9 powerful modules for Magento 2 which provide ajax add to cart features. It will be enlightening. Continue to read.

Ajax approach

In fact, Ajax is a client-side script that communicates to and from a server/database without page reloads. Ajax add to cart process makes shopping quick and easy. Because when customers click the add to cart button on the product or category pages, the webpage content is updated without reloading the page itself.

We suppose there's no need us trying to persuade you why you need to enable Ajax add to cart functionality at your website. This is the best possible tool for improved user experience and usability, end of story.

Magento 2 ajax add to cart extensions

Lucky for you there are lots of Magento 2 extensions that simplify the boring process of adding a product to the shopping cart in the default Magento 2. Moreover, the modules include other options to extend ajax cart process and make it complete.

But first, let's enlarge on the main functional requirements each ajax cart module should meet.

  • Ability to add the product to cart and select its options directly from the category page.
  • Ability to edit products which have been added to cart.
  • Ability to update cart content without page refreshing.
  • Ability to add a product to wishlist and comparison list using Ajax.

This is a core set of options which are required to benefit your Magento 2 store with ajax shopping cart functionality. But there’s more. Now it's time to go over what you expect of us.

Ajax Cart modules for Magento 2

M2 Ajax Pro module by SwissUpLabs.

The module comes with the mobile-friendly add-to-cart design. Works with all product types including bundle, grouped, and configurable products. Provides highly-functional shopping cart page. Magento 2 wishlist and compare ajax functionality are available. Allows customers choose the product options right in add to cart popup. Responsive design.

What else is different

Timeout auto close for popup. Adding product view popup to the homepage. Free installation. Total cost 79$. Find out more.

Ajax Cart by Magesolution

The ajax cart module by Magesolution enables the display of upsell and cross-sell products on the ajax popup. Comes with 2 options for ajax mode: Fly cart and Show Popup. Allows users select appropriate product's options right in the ajax window. Customers are also allowed to remove items from the mini cart window without page reloading.

What else is different

Ability to display or not display "Checkout" button, "View Shopping Cart" link, "Continue Shopping" buttons. Free installation. Total cost is 59$.

Ajax Shopping Cart by Amasty

The ajax cart module by Amasty provides the ajax confirmation modal window of 2 different types. Supports configurable products. Ability to choose custom options via AJAX popup. Allows to show related products or cross-sells on ajax window. Enables highlighting the number of already added to the cart items of a product when hovering over.

What else is different

Ability to choose colors for the header, background, and buttons of shopping cart window. Total cost with installation is 258$.

Ajax Cart Pro by Iksanika

The ajax cart module by Iksanika allows you to customize a header of shopping cart block. Works with simple products, configurable products, bundle products, grouped products, simple products options. Responsive ajax popup. Supports Ajax compare and wishlist features.

What else is different

Provides customizable progress bar animation on ajax call phase. Total cost with installation is 144$.

Ajax Cart by Plumrocket

The ajax cart module by Plumrocket allows you to show the related products on the ajax window. After adding the product from a popup, the attractive popup confirmation messages will be displayed for customers. Mobile-friendly ajax add to cart template can be used across all mobile devices.

What else is different

Ability to change the design of all buttons via the extension configuration. Total cost with installation is 189$.

Ajax Add to Cart by BSSCommerce

The ajax cart module by BSSCommerce simplifies the process of adding product options to cart right from the Ajax pop-up. Enables the display of related, upsell, cross-sell products. Responsive design. Works with all types of products. Thus allows users to select product options when adding the configurable product to the cart.

What else is different

Allows you to easily customize design and settings of popup content. Free installation. Total cost is 59$.

Ajax Cart Pro by CMSmart

The ajax cart module by CMSmart allows editing configurable products and choose custom options right from the catalog page via ajax popup. Allows users edit or delete the products right on a top mini cart when in hover mode. Provides the confirmable popup with 2 links: view cart and checkout. The popup is fully customizable. Enables animation effect.

What else is different

Build up countdown timer. Total cost is 93,08$.

Ajax Cart by Magesales

The ajax cart module by Magesales allows customers update product options in ajax cart without page reloading. Enables adding the related products right in the confirmation box. Comes with the countdown timer. You are allowed to use animation effect for Ajax cart, making products fly to Mini cart or My cart link.

What else is different

Ability to customize notification box position and notification delay time. Total cost with installation is 118$.

Ajax Cart Pro by Aheadworks

The ajax cart module by Aheadworks supports "Add/remove" actions. Provides the display of related products in ajax popup. Works with all existing product types including bundle, grouped, and configurable products. Comes with fully configurable popup content. You may add a short product description, product rating, and a number of product reviews there.

What else is different

Mobile adjusted. Ability to apply a mobile-friendly add-to-cart pop-up in case you have a custom mobile theme. Total cost with included installation is 219$.

Speaking of responsive design or mobile-friendly ajax cart popup, we would like to remind the importance of making all website functionality adjusted for mobile. See 30+ mobile site tips, easy to implement in 2019 to rest assured you're doing your best for making your website stand out in a mobile world.


The Ajax-based approach allows customers to stay on products pages without initiate pages reload. It really impacts the overall user experience.

What did you like most in Magento 2 add to cart popup options mentioned above? What else approaches do you implement to improve the usability of your website? In the following articles, we'd like to consider other Magento and Magento 2 modules to trigger your interest.

Could you tell us in comments about extensions you want to become aware of? We would appreciate.

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