14+ Argento updates you will be excited

14+ Argento updates you will be excited

In our earlier post we described what we did with Argento in September. We have to say we’ve completed new updates again. It’s always a good idea to benefit your customers with better site performance. We hope you agree.

By focusing on user experience and latest web trends we keep adding features, modules and bug-fix updates to ensure Argento theme with maximum conversion rate.

The release today is +one to 22 published releases for last 3 years. Why it is important to update? With every new release you receive:

  • Updated built-in modules that improve the overall theme functionality
  • Amazing style improvements
  • Fixes for bugs in the code
  • Important changes to improve your Magento store

Let’s look at valuable latest updates for Argento

Argento 1.8.3 for Magento 1.x

Starting from today you can use Argento on Magento It means you can extend Argento theme for new features.

Talking about built-in modules, you can see new extension added. Slick Carousel will help you to create sliders in Magento store with ease. Two carousel types are available. A slick wrapper type can be used with dynamically generated content, such as magento widgets. A slick type is calling a carousel on a static content. Within a module you may:

  • Add a nice static carousel to the homepage
  • Transform any product list widget (Magento built-in widgets, Highlight widgets, etc.) into Slick Carousel
  • Use Slick lazy loading feature for static content carousels
  • Set different slider options for different screen sizes

Moreover, Argento theme version 1.8.3 comes with custom styles for Slick product carousels. It means you can make the carousel look different in every Argento design.

There is one more way to be inspired...

Amazon has many approaches for success. One is Amazon navigation style. Now you have an excellent opportunity to create new Navigation Pro menu for Amazon-like style. This Argento built-in module allows you to group categories into a single drop down menu. Thus you can show large dropdown with Daily Deals widget and advertising banners, simple stacked dropdowns or multi column layout with promotional banner.

Among fixes and improvements you can see:

  • Removed global easyslider box-shadow style
  • Removed horizontal scrollbar in Chrome between 980px and 990px
  • Easy Catalog Images: ‘more in…’ translation added in csv
  • Highlight: integration with Slick Carousel added
  • Easy Tabs: JS file are loading and executing with defer attribute; no inline javascript
  • Ajax Pro: updated translations; catalog category view js script improvements; improved theme integration
  • Navigation Pro: Added status exception rules into cache key to fix invalid menu on different devices; small css fixes

Argento 0.9.4 for Magento 2

Argento release published for Magento 2 has got very useful point in customizing a website. Follow Argento Flat theme editor and change Argento styles with ease.

In addition you can check small CSS fixes to improve css customization in:

  • Product listing widgets
  • Footer links styles
  • Argento Flat jumbotrons

The Prolabels module has got fixed possible duplicate label in widgets listings as well as improved label loading method.

Hope you liked everything what’s going on with Argento. You still have lots reasons to follow up Argento in your store. If there are any ideas how to improve our stunning theme, please let us know. We’d appreciate it.

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